Tennis star Ana Ivanovic on the PlaySight SmartCourt

I’ve never used anything like PlaySight before. I’m very visual player, and I learn by watching. I use to do a lot of video recordings. Unfortunately, when I was young it was not so accessible as is it now. Obviously PlaySight plays a big role in a new growing technology. What impressed me the most […]

Nayla Abney: STEM and Soccer Standout

Sports give you the opportunity to learn some real life lessons about hard work, dedication, time management. And you really make close friends and different relationships with people that you may not have made before. You come out here and everyone’s on the same playing field. You don’t have to worry about different economic backgrounds […]

The NBA Data Scientist

If you’re a basketball fan, you know your team’s big stars, head coach, maybe even the rookie bench warmers. But you probably know very little about the Ph.D. mathematicians like this woman. Her job is to crunch the numbers of the game. We’re all in sort of an arm’s race to acquire information. And she’s […]

Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Innovation Nation

sometimes the extraordinary is masked in the ordinary take the humble soccer ball for example when 26 year old inventor Jessica O Matthews got a hold of it you could say it became a thing of magic located in New York City I met up with Jessica to find out more about one very bright […]

The Intelligent Basketball to Improve your Dribble | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Do you know your dribble and crossover speed? Who has the best technique? This basketball will answer all these questions. (PERFORMANCE, POWER, PRECISION, TRAINING,) (SPEED, GADGET, ENDURANCE, DATA, INTELLIGENT BASKETBALL) This smart technology measures your dribbling speed, analyses your ball-handling skills and lets you know what to work on in […]

AT&T 30th Pebble Beach Tournament Fan’s Eye View – Dan McLaughlin | AT&T

  (music) It kind of all started on a 9 hole, par 3 course.  Literally that was the first time I ever hit a golf ball.   I didn’t know anything about it.   And then later that evening we kind of had that debate   that a lot of people have like,   ok […]

Basketball With Watson

Whoa. You guys have seen this before. It’s called a Sphero. Works with this cool app, you drive it around. You can go off jumps, play games, but believe it or not, this thing is more sophisticated than it looks and today we’re going to test that out. I have teamed up with IBM for […]

The Tennis Shoes Designed to Glide on Hard Courts | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Can you imagine tennis shoes that allow the player to cover the court quicker? Stop imagining – there are shoes that make this possible. (TENNIS GLIDE SHOES) A professional tennis player can hit the ball at speeds faster than 200km/h. Competitors have barely a fraction of a second to respond. […]

Precision Training with Tennis Prodigy Borna Devald | Gillette World Sport

I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old, when I went to school. But even before that, I used to play tennis with my grandfather. I loved playing tennis, so I decided to really focus on it. I also used to play football… …but tennis was definitely more interesting. So for last four […]

Skycam | Innovation Nation

when you see a camera angle like this watching a sporting event you think it’s pretty cool right well imagine how much technology went into designing the camera system that can capture these images it’s called Skycam and it was invented by Garrett Brown a revolutionary camera man on films like Rocky and Indiana Jones […]