Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Single Leg to Hip Toss

Another 3 point move that arrives out of a single leg is when my opponent defenses, with not a full sprawl, he’s caught me on the way in so he needs to just step back and he pulls me up with a whizzer. When he pulls me up, he pulls me up into undertook position […]

How to Shoot with Power Tutorial • Billy Wingrove Sledgehammer

Hey, guys! I’m Konzi from freekickerz and these are the F2 Freestylers. Today, we show you the Billy Wingrove Sledghammer. Enjoy the video!

Defending a Decathlon Championship – Ashton Eaton | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic Focus is trained on World and Olympic Decathlon Champion Ashton Eaton and his precision preparation for Rio. My name is Ashton Eaton and I am the world record holder in the decathlon and the gold medallist from the 2012 Olympic Games. It meant a lot to win in 2012 because it was really […]

Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Pancake Trap

One of the things a good wrestler’s gonna do when he takes a bad shot, he feels the chest lock coming in, or even before that chest lock gets there, he’ll start looking to clear himself from out of that position and chase legs with a peek out position. So, I can set that position […]

Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Wrist & Lat Elevator Defense

Another defensive finish out of this position is a wrist and lat elevator. My opponent’s taken a High C once again. He shoots in, he drives up to his feet so I transfer him inside to that single leg position. Now, instead of going to that whizzer we go right to that lat. And as […]

Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Whizzer Pull Up to Step Over

This next technique again comes from a Whizzer position Pulling my opponent up off the leg and None of this will work what we’ve seen in clips prior If I can’t get this guy up off the leg If he stays on the leg then we simply stay with a sprawl Keep stuffing the head […]

Martyn Ashton’s Trials Academy Ep. 2

(bike tyre speeds past) – The Ashton Trials Academy continues. I’m on a quest to make sure Neil and Blake Samson improve their trial skills. We’re gonna get to Blake in another episode, but today, Neil, it’s your turn. – Right, the pressure’s on. – The pressure is on. (upbeat music) We’re gonna start out […]

Advice To Young Wrestlers | Youth Olympic Games

The advice I would give to young athletes… is to dream big and fight to the end… for the dream that you’ve given yourself… without ever giving up. To keep fighting. You know, I was ten when I started going to the gym… and I had no idea that later down the line… I would […]

Women’s Wrestling at Rio 2016 | Faster Higher Stronger

Since it became an Olympic event, there has obviously been a big increase in the youngsters taking part. Since then we’ve started to hear a lot more from children wanting to wrestle at the Olympics Compared to having only four categories, moving up to six means that more people can experience… the Olympics, and that’s […]


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