I got matched with the #1 player in the world, and did the impossible.

what's up guys and today I am playing against the number one player in MLB the show 19 I'll have all of his ratings and stuff on the street now essentially he helped me out about a month ago he gave me a tip video and he tweeted out today which actually I wasn't so […]

Guess Their Birth State To Draft The Player! MLB The Show 19 Draft!

what's up guys welcome back to video first things first what state are you guys from let me know in the comments that's kind of the theme of the draft also if you love baseball and you love your state out even know what I'm saying – absolutely kind of like one tribe so we're […]


full court shot is something of other brilliant it is something that when it happens you get Punk but we all just know the chances of someone actually seeing one of the game is pretty slim that is why we have freestyle Moe what's going on guys and welcome back to another video it is […]


what's going on guys and welcome back to another week so you guys did an amazing job smashing that like button on my first kind of trivia ish video so I decided I was going to come out with another one but obviously a different quiz so I there's another quiz on here I'm not […]

Highest Salary NBA Players VS Lowest Salary NBA Players | NBA 2K17 Challenge

point guard for the highest-paid team making twenty six point five four million dollars a year Mike Conley a shooting guard the twenty three million dollar man in Dwyane Wade ads fall for the king of the NBA making thirty point nine six million dollars a season LeBron James at Center from the Boston Celtics […]

Tiny 99 Overall Players Vs Giant 0 Overall Players | NBA 2K17 Challenge

what's going on guys and welcome back to another NBA 2k seven to Johnson this is a very very requested challenge that I am doing right now and it is pretty much I have a team full of guys with no stats and I decided someone asks you to do this so I have a […]

GETTING DRAFTED INTO THE NFL! Madden 18 Player Career Mode!