Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions Gets Fifty Shades of Grey on Twitter

-Well, you guys, the NFL playoffs are in full swing, and there are so many big matchups this weekend. You have Vikings versus the 49ers. You have Seahawks versus Packers. And you have Prince Harry versus the royal family. And… [ Cheers and applause ] But listen to this. I heard that the Green Bay […]

Jillian Michaels Talks Fitness!

(energetic music) (audience whooping) I always love when our next guest stops by, she’s a health guru, a fitness guru, she’s a whole lotta fun. She’s just one of the girls. Please welcome back to our show, my friend Jillian Michaels. (cheers and applause) (music and applause drown out conversation) I’m just gonna roll onto […]

Joel Kinnaman Accidentally Instagrammed Himself Watching Soccer Naked

-Can you tell everyone the Instagram story or you don’t want to tell people that? -Yeah. You know, I struggle with this Instagram thing, you know? So, I was shooting — I’m shooting “The Suicide Squad” in Atlanta right now. And, yeah, it’s going really well. It’s going really well. James Gunn is a genius. […]




Talk Show the Game Show – Gay Arm Wrestling with James Adomian | truTV

When you and I met, I flirted with you, we started wrestling, and then we broke a fence. We broke a fence. That’s not a lie. Today, we’re going to settle that score once and for all to find out who the stronger man is. You will be judged on the following three factors — […]

Kal Penn Lied About His Basketball Skills

-Because you are kicking this amazing journey off, I want to give you something. I sometimes rock this gold chain that says, “The aunties were wrong.” [ Laughter ] And I mean it with love, okay? I mean it with love. But I want to take this off… -Oh, my goodness. -…and pass this onto […]

Chris Hemsworth Sinks an Epic Full-Court Basketball Shot

Brad Williams Is Still Mad About a Celebrity Basketball Game – Lights Out with David Spade

Brad, you play basketball. I’m not kidding, you play basketball. You were actually in the celebrity all-star game, right? I did. Here’s Brad D-ing up on a guy. Nice. It’s not Photoshop. No, that was the game. I am a lockdown defender. I don’t know why I played in the celebrity game, I think they […]