The Best of Baseball – Tosh.0

Cute trick, now choke up and hit a sac fly, rook. Meet wiffle boy. The best wiffle ball pitcher in the world, which will open up zero doors for him in life. But I don’t give a crap how ridiculous those pitches are, I can take anyone deep. Nice to meet you wiffle boy. Actually, […]

How to choose sports sunglasses – Part 1

There’s a big difference between actions sports sunglasses and casual sports sunglasses 1. Recognised sunglasses quality standards. Look for a standard like CE in Europe or ANSI in America 2. Sports sunglasses frames should be made from TR90 Grilamid is the purest TR90 available and the best sports sunglasses are made from Grilamid Plastic and […]

Safety glasses for sports

Two years ago, Carter Nattrass was hit in the eye with a baseball. I like fell down and it was pretty scary. I couldn’t look out of it because it was so swelled up. My first reaction as any parent is boy, you’ve got a really good shiner there. Just going back to my childhood […]