3 Reasons Your Shot is Broke: Basketball Shooting Tips

What’s good Coach Collin Castellaw with shot mechanics basketball. Today we’re gonna show you three reasons why your shot probably broken, and how to fix it. All right so most the time players are just one or two small tweaks away from hitting a much higher percentage, really really quickly. Today what I wanted to […]

Highest Paid Athletes in Sports

(upbeat music) – If you think NFL players get paid a lot, let’s talk the other kind of football. What’s up guys, Victoria here with PopCulture.com and here are some of the highest paid athletes. According to Forbes, there are three soccer players trumping every pro athlete there is when it comes to pay, starting […]

Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring | Official Trailer | MasterClass

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up, I was always the littlest guy on my team. Even now, I think I still am. [MUSIC PLAYING] You don’t listen to what anybody says you can’t do, because you know that you can. You ready? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Being able to shoot is all about becoming a more complete […]

Highlights: Spurs 1-2 Liverpool | Reds make it five wins from five at Wembley

Well, Liverpool’s Premier League journey has been smooth so far this season. A really tough test for Liverpool where they will look to right the wrongs of what happened here last year. That’s towards Firmino, comes all the way through and Liverpool lead! It’s not gonna count. Flag’s up. This is going to be thrown […]

7 NBA Players Whose Talents VANISHED

today we're going to be taking a look at seven current NBA players whose talents have vanished and whether this is because of the Monstars and a Space Jam 2 remake I don't know but what I do know is these players aren't half as good as they once were and there's no clear explanation […]

Richard Jefferson PREDICT Game 3: Raptors vs Warriors | NBA Finals | Who will win? | ESPN SC

you guys going to play whatever we got a couple things that I suck from that comment NBA champ Richard Jefferson joining us now here on SportsCenter RJ now you play with LeBron you want to title with him what are you making eggy saying he's playing for Steph's legacy because of the backlash from […]

4 Great NBA Players Who Are Playing in the WRONG ERA!

the MBA and really the game of basketball as we all should know it's constantly evolving like the game in 2019 is completely different than even the game of 2014 or 2013 because it's just completely different players in like 2012 like Dwight Howard they were viewed as superstars back then they actually had trade […]

The Game Steph BOMBED 46 Pts To Get NBA RECORD 73 WiNS Season For The Warriors! | FreeDawkins

all season long we've heard the comparison between those bulls and these warriors warriors have put up amazing numbers all season at number 73 that's the only one that matters tonight an electric atmosphere here at Oracle Arena many of these fans have been here for hours dub nation as they call themselves out in […]

First Time LeBron Played in Cleveland, Scariest NBA Game of All Time!

NBA Players Workout & GYM 2019 – Ep.1

you oh good drop and drive – perfect drop and drive get down low big fella get down low – more driver one more driver you know I appreciate you allow me to use your facilities all summer I really do I really do appreciate me use your facilities all summer know three more that's […]