Jimmy Had US Open Tennis Stars Secretly Slip Funny Words into Their Interviews

-Hey, guys, the U.S. Open tennis tournament is happening right now, and we wanted to do something fun with the players. So we gave a bunch of them weird phrases and asked them to sneak those phrases into their interviews as casually as possible. No one knew that we were doing this. They just would […]

Fat To Fit | Aamir Khan Body Transformation | Dangal | In Cinemas Dec 23, 2016

Rahul. – Yeah. – This fat will go, right? From a young wrestler to a 42 year old man… And then a 52 year old man… it’s a long journey Aamir Sir asked me what was my vision… How do you have in mind for Mahavir Singh? Nitish said we’ll begin with your young portion… […]

Super Stars In Training! WWE & Kids Fun TV Team Up! Challenged By SuperHero Kids!

This is a paid advertisement for “Mattel!” Hey Fun Squad, “SuperHeroKids” challenged us to be the next WWE Superstars in training! And we came all the way over here to Florida to prove it! Yeah, we can do this! You guys excited?! Oh yeah, this is going to be so fun! This is going to […]

Remember When… WCW Botched Sting’s Title Win At Starrcade 1997?

Hello and welcome to WrestleTalk’s Remember When. I’m Luke Owen, and in this episode: one of the biggest botches in WCW’s illustrious history of massive botches, one of the easiest angles to book in wrestling, which ended with a sloppy screwed up finish and an even more convoluted follow-up – Remember when…WCW botched Sting’s title […]

Why NBA Stars KNOW Lonzo Ball Is NOT a BUST

Lonzo Ball was supposed to be bullied in the NBA because of his dad Lavar. Oh wait… that happened. But, NBA stars surprisingly support Lonzo and don’t think he’s a bust even though he’s shooting bricks. Why? What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. It’s ya boi MJ. Today I wanted to talk about what […]

Dangal | Aamir Khan Wrestling Training | In Cinemas Now

It takes a lot of time to learn to wrestle. When I started learning, I realized that it’s not just a game of strength. Here you use your mind to strategize and play. A good wrestler has to be very intelligent and sharp. When I saw Aamir-ji on the wrestling mat… He had this ability […]

Top Korean gaming companies fostering healthy, productive E-sports stars

Amid controversy over the World Health Organization’s decision to classify gaming addiction as a mental disorder,… Korea’s largest gaming firms and E-Sports teams are showing how gaming can be productive and industrious. Oh Soo-young reports. Korea’s major E-sports firms are aiming to turn online gaming into a healthier and more productive industry. Gen. G, one […]

The STARS programme: Bronze to Silver, Westminster Academy Secondary School

We’ve been doing the STARS Scheme for a couple of years now. We currently have the Bronze standard which we achieved a couple of years ago, and we are now aiming for our Silver. The way we have used the STARS Programme, certainly us from a PE background, we link it mostly to the physical […]

Minor league hockey player scores bizarre goal with a lucky bounce – Daily News

A remarkable goal scored in a minor league hockey game in Texas on Wednesday night was officially attributed to one of the players, but the real credit goes to the stanchion behind the net and one unbelievable bounce Truthfully, Texas Stars defenseman Joel Hanley wasn’t even shooting the puck during Wednesday’s 4-3 loss to the […]

Fanfest 2014 – New Player Experience Vision

hello now we're life all right so this is a talk on new player experience vision for EVE Online that we are currently working on and before I start I want to say that it's kind of crazy that we're showing you this when you're coming to fan fest I asked if we could and […]