The GMBN Presenter Challenge – Neil Vs Scott Vs Blake

(techno music) – Welcome to the GMBM presenter challenge, where three riders take on five challenges, with only one winner. So let’s take a look at today’s contestants. First up, Scotty Laughland. This ambitious Scotsman is aiming to establish himself as the presenter of all the skills to pay his daily bills. Blake Sampson, the […]

Cyclist Vs Soccer Player – Who Is The Fittest?

(Ball hitting net) – How do you move fast enough to get over there? (laughing) By the time I’ve realized where the ball’s going my brain hasn’t told me to move. (thunderous zooming) – I have just arrived at the training ground for Premier League soccer club Watford FC for something really exciting. I’m about […]

10 Cell Phone Life Hacks, For Better Reception

Hey, can you hear me now? In this video I’m going to show you 10 cell phone life hacks, for getting better reception. Would you believe there’s actually no industry standard for what the bars on your phone mean? It’s true.  4 bars on your phone could translate to only 2 bars on another phone, […]

Finish Fast and Strong like Noah Lyles

let’s see what happens with ordinary people if they ignore these forces the fastest people possess enhanced running skills and motor coordination which allow them to reduce the negative forces that act upon their body during sprinting there are mainly three forces that can make or break any runner gravity is the force that pulls […]

The Story of 200m World Record

the 200 meters has been present on the Olympic athletics program since the year 1900 while the Olympic races measured 200 meters some other meets ran 220 yard races nevertheless 220 yards times were also eligible for 200 meter record consideration until the mid-1960s the first official world record for the 200 meter on a […]

Team Dimension Data Men’s Zwift Academy 2017 | The Final

– We have been invited by our partner Zwift here to Cape Town for Team Dimension Data’s get together to witness the final of a quite incredible competition. So, over 9,000 cyclists registered for the Zwift Academy a couple of months ago, and they’ve been whittled down gradually through a series of group workouts, group […]

The Story of Derek Redmond’s Iconic Olympic Moment | Strangest Moments

Set… It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. The old adage is true for every sport in the Olympics, be it taekwondo… ..table tennis… ..or triathlon. While a good start in any event is important… ..the real glory is at the end. A gold medal may be the ultimate glory in the Olympics. […]

Meet Jamaica’s Latest Young Sprinter | Heroes of the Future

My name is Joanne Reid, everybody else calls me Felix. I run 400 meters and 200 meters. I want to become one of Jamaica’s fastest 400 meters, and go on to Jamaica’s biggest Olympics. She came to me at the age of five, and she said: “Mommy, I would like to be a great athlete”, […]

Veronica Campbell-Brown Before Winning 8 Olympic Medals | Before They Were Superstars

Veronica attended the Vere Technical High School in Clarendon, Jamaica. It’s an institution with a rich history in sprinting, having produced more Jamaican track and field Olympians than any other school. Veronica was in her final year here and was already being hailed as a future star of the athletics world. When I came to […]

(NATIONAL RECORD)2019 USATF Junior Olympics 11-12 Girls 100m Final

girls and boys all right here the eleven and twelve year old girls and here's Peyton Payne who has set another record this week when 1176 in the first round she only went 12 12 in the semi and she is broken Angela Williams 27 year old record she's in Lane 4 what you can […]