What Makes A Great Youth Sports Coach?

What Makes A Great Youth Sports Coach? Hi! I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer. In this clip, Coach Mendo, who runs Quick Handle Basketball Training, shares what he believes makes a great coach. In my acronym for coaching is my three P’s. The first one is personality. Okay? You’ve got to have a personality. […]

How to Live Stream Premier League, Cricket and F1 for $8/yr

Now I’ll reveal the best kept secret of online sports streaming. Are you tired of not having access to the English Premier League, F1 races and Cricket? Want to save hundreds of dollars when streaming your favorite sports from anywhere in the world? We’ve got a way to stream all those games for around $8 […]

Ambassador of Sport & Champion in Life – Jessica Fox | Youth Olympic Games

It’s a big honour to be seen as a role model and ambassador. The results that I’ve had as an athlete with the gold in Singapore and then going onto London 2012 and winning silver and being quite young. I had a lot of junior athletes in my sport and other sports, who would contact […]

Are you ready to go Back to Sports with the NFL & American Heart Association?

I love playing sports because I have fun and make teammates and I make new friends. I get to work hard with team. My coach helps me get better and I make my parents proud. Youth sports help keep my kids active and healthy… And they learn important life-skills! And we help keep kids safe […]

The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

CIÊNCIA DO ESPORTE Começamos esse teste com uma simples pergunta. A adrenalina realmente aumenta a performance? Adicionar adrenalina permitiria que a estrela das artes marciais, Houston “The Assassin” Alexander, realmente socasse com mais força? Primeiro estabelecemos uma referência para ver quão forte Houston bate sem adrenalina. Então o deixamos nervoso, bem nervoso. Quero que libere […]

ASICS Institute of Sport Science

人は、なぜ走ることを欲するのか? 人は、どこまで走り続けるのか? 道具は、何を求められているのか? 大地の感触を足もとに感じる。 体中に熱が伝わる。 鼓動の音だけが聞こえる。 いつもとは違う景色が見える。 人を見つめ、サイエンスによって道具を進化させる。 すべては、最高のパフォーマンスのために。

The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the worst sports team names in history. It’s commonplace for teams to have names these days. Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Flyers, Oakland Raiders etc. A name to strike fear into the heart of your enemy, or to make you sound tough or aggressive. But no-one obviously told these guys, who have the most nonsensical […]

How Much Force to Rupture a Spleen: Sport Science

CIÊNCIA DO ESPORTE A força do soco de Bas foi mensurada em mais de 550 quilos. Praticamente, a mesma força de ser atropelado pelo zagueiro Joey Porter. Um soco de Bas será equivalente a qualquer um dos fortes impactos que Chris Simms sofreu naquele dia. Para mostrar o quão vulnerável o baço de Chris Simms […]

World’s 10 Most Dangerous Sports

A study by Stanford university revealed that in the US alone 3.5 million children and teenagers are injured playing sports each year. But that figure is far greater in other parts of the world, where things are a little less “regulated”, and sports tend to get a lot more messy. Here’s the world’s top 10 […]

4 Strategies To Perform Under PRESSURE In Sports – Craig Sigl

I’m Craig Sigl, the Mental Toughness Trainer for Youth Athletes and I specialize in helping youth athletes Master the Pressure. In this video I am going to share with you, 4 simple strategies youth athletes can use to master their pressure. So the next time they are heading into a highly stressful, pressure-packed situation, they […]