Defending a Decathlon Championship – Ashton Eaton | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic Focus is trained on World and Olympic Decathlon Champion Ashton Eaton and his precision preparation for Rio. My name is Ashton Eaton and I am the world record holder in the decathlon and the gold medallist from the 2012 Olympic Games. It meant a lot to win in 2012 because it was really […]

Thrive and flourish with a Master of Sports Science

– So, the first thing I noticed when I came to Bond was how up-to-date the facilities were. Everything’s brand new, the labs are up to date, the culture around everything in sport is really vibrant and flourishing and, yeah, everybody’s just excited about being involved with sport, playing sport, being outside, being in the […]

Sports Science Special With Prof. Louis Passfield | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– We have a very special Ask GCN anything for you this week, because we’ve actually got a proper expert here with us, this is professor Louis Passfield, who is the head of sports and exercise sciences at Kent University for over ten years, and has over 25 years of experience in exercise physiology, specifically […]

Why Are We Addicted To Extreme Sports?

People seem to love stuff like bungee jumping and sky-diving. But what draws us to these scary life-threatening experiences? Why do we want to jump off of stuff? On May 16, 2015, Dean Potter, a celebrated extreme sportsman, and a fellow climber, Graham Hunt; jumped off a 7,500 foot (2,285m) cliff in Yosemite National Park […]

Neymar Jr.’s Olympic Dream | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic focus turns to football as Neymar Jr. and his national teammates prepare to go for gold on home turf. I hope it’ll be a great Olympics for Brazilian people, for all sports in Brazil and that everybody on the Brazilian team gets a medal, especially the football team. It’s the only thing the […]

Anatomy Of a Weightlifter: What are their Biggest Strengths?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. That’s it, come on! As we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A WEIGHTLIFTER) Weightlifting is an incredibly transient sport, in other words, it only lasts for very short periods of time, just seconds. […]

Masters Sports Science Program Overview – USSA

Hello! My name is Tom Rosandich I’m the founding president of the United States Sports Academy. The founding nearly 45 years ago. The Academy then was founded as the only freestanding, accredited school of sport in the United States. And that distinction remains to this date. We have grown over the years to become the […]

Richard Sherman’s tools make him a defensive field general | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

Snowboard Freeriding with Flo Orley | Gillette World Sport

we look at the precision needed to pick the perfect line in freeride snowboarding rearing is poured out in the wild and the nature the thing the amount of mountains to ride is endless at all saying all mounds of this planet will ever be written I my name is Laura Lee I'm a pro […]

Saquon Barkley Undergoes The Weather Test | Sport Science | ESPN