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Cute trick, now choke up and hit a sac fly, rook. Meet wiffle boy. The best wiffle ball pitcher in the world, which will open up zero doors for him in life. But I don’t give a crap how ridiculous those pitches are, I can take anyone deep. Nice to meet you wiffle boy. Actually, […]

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The gym… :O It’s where I come to work Where I come to discover myself I set foot in here and every single problem every single trial and tribulation I got in my life just fADES away ✨ my financial situation? gone 👌 taxes? MM-MM my personal finances and my ability to spend money responsibly? […]


Hi there fellas! Welcome back to Real Bizarre! Sports can be both serious and funny. I like it when it`s funny and I bet you too! You know, athletes find themselves in comical situations all the time and I think it`s very important that you learn to laugh at yourself when awkward things happen. After […]

Sports Cars Crashes: Mind Blown Accidents Sports Cars Racing Fails Amazing Crash Compilation 😲

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Most Funny Fail Handshakes in Sports


Best Sports Bloopers 2017

that's why special teams are so important to this deck that was that was comical speaking to the fourth progression Mike Sanford said what really makes it specialists we don't have the balance between the run-pass game as we we want Oh [Applause] ball is loose and it's too loose [Applause] Florida Atlantic John Franklin […]

The Funniest Moments in Sports EVER

[Applause] 14 seconds to a best look at that he's struggling he's running hard and to run on the same track as some of the Great's caffeine opportunity doesn't dip fish as well a personal best for the man from American Samoa and I reckon one or two people might be ready to buy him […]