BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament – HawgNSonsTV

September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva Wisconsin W 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30.11 Rising Waxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is Illuminated The very BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament Largemouth Bass Fishing, The BEST Bass Tournament, The Big Bucks Bass Tournaments held at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin Starring the The Hewkinators, Mark […]

Why do Olympians bite their medals? | Burning Questions

The gold medal is the ultimate accolade in sport, the symbol of years and years of training, dedication, and sacrifice. But what if I told you… Drum roll, please. Thank you. ..that the gold medal is not actually made of gold at all. Well, maybe a little bit, but it’s not as gold as you […]

Simon Ammann Ski Jumping Sweeps Salt Lake City 2002 | Olympics on the Record

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann made barely any impression at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. But the Games made a big impression on him. He was just 16 years old at the time, finishing 35th in the Normal Hill, 39th in the Large Hill competition. Switzerland has a rich tradition of success in winter […]

Colombia’s Next BMX Star Aims at Buenos Aires 2018 | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Ana Maria Rico and I’m a BMX rider For me, what make BMX unique is the adrenaline It will never become repetitive, Everything changes in each competition and training I would describe BMX as an action sport, where there’s adrenaline, impact. Anything can happen in BMX. When I train I know I […]

ዜናታት ስፖርት 14 ነሓሰ 2019 || 14 August 2019 Eritrean sport news


You have got a very nice crew with your teammates. Yes, you are right. We have a good team. There are the players of Pilsen Votep team who are running away What is it like to play soccer in the sand? I think, it is definitely hard…

Hicham El Guerrouj continues the run to inspire his native Morocco | Legends Live On

I always dreamed of being one of the best athletes in the history of running, or of the 1,500 metres. El Guerrouj was the guy that every athlete wanted to be like. El Guerrouj is the greatest 1,500m athlete of all time. Hicham had an Olympic obsession. The Olympics were his Holy Grail. Hicham is […]

Tony Hawk’s favourite: Dan Jansen’s Glory at Lillehammer 1994 | My Olympic Moment

(MY OLYMPIC MOMENT)The Winter Olympics, 1994.Daniel Jansen –all the hope, all the glory, all the failed attempts,and all the heartache he went through to get there.That was, as far as I’m concerned,a defining Olympic moment of all time.My name is Tony Hawk, and this is My Olympic Moment.(MY OLYMPIC MOMENT)Growing up, the Olympics was the […]

Germany’s National Race Walking Champion strides towards the YOG | Youth Olympic Games

What I really like about race walking is that not everybody can do it. Everyone can run but not everyone can race walk. My name is Johannes and I am a race walker. I have been race walking since I was 9 years old, so approximately 7 years. The special thing about race walking is […]