Using Sport Mode: Ford Trucks | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] You may be interested to know that your vehicle may be equipped with a feature to enhance its performance when driven on hilly and mountainous roads. Let me explain. It’s called Sport Mode, and when activated, the transmission extends the duration between shifts of the lower gears. So the engine stays in the sweet […]

The Truth About Using Sport Mode in Your Car, Does it Cause Damage

rev up your engines, jsph says scotty is it bad to always shift from normal to sport mode in my automatic acura tl, I’m a spirited driver and have that habit, is there any long term damages, no because when you go from normal to sport drive, all that’s doing is, it’s telling the computer […]

GT SPORT 1.41 Update DATE Confirmed!!

hi again guys and so I've got a very quick video just to update you on the 1.4 on patch situation in GT sport of course I already covered the fact on the channel that we've got four confirmed cars check out that video if you haven't seen already possibly rain or weather in general […]

What Does Mazda Sport Mode Do? | Eich Mazda | St. Cloud, MN

Hey there guys, this is Jeff from Eich Mazdain St. Cloud. I just wanted to show you what sport modedoes in a CX-5. So, switch right here next to your shift nobis going to put you into sport mode, and what it does is it holds you at a higher RMP, downshiftsa little bit, gives […]


so we are on our way to Steph's work right now I'm going to do my car tour there because it's where I got my car honestly sevens a great salesman and they're so awesome over there so I want to kind of give them like a shout out and tell you guys when I […]

HOW To Use SPORT MODE: What It Does & How It Works!

in this video you're going to learn what sport mode does how it works and how to best use it in your vehicle this information comes from my years of experience having sport mode in my car I'm Jeff from modern muscle to one three value Tube channel for all of your muscle car needs […]