Nike Academy: Pre-season – Broad Jumps [Power]

The broad jump helps us teach that horizontal power expression which is related to acceleration. So this is going to help us for that short sharp accelerations on the pitch. The set up for a broad jump is a shoulder width stance, we’re going to get nice and tall and then load down, sitting backwards […]

Nike Academy: Sami Khedira’s Masterclass

I believe this injury before was a hard time. I’m used to playing in a team… I love football… I love standing with ten colleagues on the pitch… To fight on the pitch and to play for the victory When you don’t have that anymore… that’s not so easy Sami, welcome to the Nike Academy […]

Nike Academy: Winter Training – Speed

Within that seven day period you can have detraining effects on strength and power output and then after about two weeks, 20% losses within your aerobic function. The winter period actually offers a really good time to manage your body so when you come back we actually see improvements in fitness. Adam’s a new recruit […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Max Velocity Sprint [Speed]

To sprint at high speeds requires a lot of co-ordination, so we use these drills to teach the movement mechanics that then transfers onto the pitch. We use the sixty meter max sprint to train the hamstring through that high velocity action. Max speed drill breaks down both starting acceleration and max speed. So we […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Deceleration Progressions [Agility]

So this drill is really important to teach that deceleration mechanic. As we change the direction we need to slow down effectively before we then reapply force. So from a start line we’re going to measure out three, six and nine meters. We like to go through a double leg, single leg and lateral deceleration, […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season Training – Speed

PRE-SEASON TRAINING SPEED Speed is a fundamental part of football CRAIG TURNER SPORTS SCIENTIST A lot of match actions are decided by that split second by whether you can get that ball before your opponent A lot of goals are scored after a sprint into the box – big explosive headers So it’s massively important […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Introducing Agility

A key element that we work on in pre season will be agility in terms of how quickly they can get in the right position and change direction. Your ability to lose a man, to lose a marker and then rapid changes of direction are the differences between you being successful or unsuccessful on the […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Triangle Drill [Agility]

After the off season we start with simple change of direction and agility drills. This is a great drill for central midfielders who are dropping into the hole and playing short sharp passes. In this drill the partner feeds the ball into different areas keeping those fundamentals of change of direction. So a partner will […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Reaction Wall [Agility]

In a game it’s very unpredictable how a ball will come to you. Stand five yards away and throw the ball off. Keep adjusting your angles, throw the ball so it will come across, go down low, go high and just keep mixing it up. Twenty throws going two hands, then with one hand. You […]

Nike Academy: Roma Tour

Anybody can play football. Anybody, OK? We can all rock up, have a game of football, play a bit of music, go off after the game and have a laugh about it, OK? That’s not the journey we’re on. I think it’s always a bit of excitement, you know, these are young guys and for […]