Ball Control & Touch Skills For Little Kids – Soccer

What’s up guys back for another MSL video And right now I want to talk about like Ball control and touch for kids. Having a good touch and ball control is really important for game of soccer I’m not claiming to be the next Lionel Messi. I’m just learning guys, I’m just learning. but my […]

How to Panna/Tunnel/Nutmeg your opponent in Football Soccer

Hey, i am Guido from Football Tricks Online and today we got Gonza and Edu to show you how to nutmeg your rival. Today i will show you the secret to Nutmeg your opponent Thats not just knowing a bunch of Skills… But to make your opponent open his legs There is a lot of […]

ADVANCED Soccer Juggling Trick ~ Online Soccer Acadmey

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz former pro and founder of Today we are learning an advanced soccer juggling pick up trick. Soccer skill. This trick will make you look legit! You know what else is legit? The Soccer Academy search bar. Use it to search our 200+ OSA videos! Example: if […]


Soccer Drills – How to Lay Off a Soccer Pass – Online Soccer Academy

Soccer Skills Tutorial – 3 Great Tips For Soccer Skills Training 2019

Soccer-Skills-Tutorial-3-Great-Tips-For-Soccer-Skills-Training Hey guys. This is Matt again from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through some soccer training skills you can use, get a lot of touches on the ball but also kind of take you to more of an intermediate level. One of the things is to work on shielding and shielding […]

Easy Soccer Workout Routine

(upbeat music) – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re going to be showing you guys our soccer workout routine. – If you guys are new to this channel make sure to subscribe down below. – Yes. – And hit that notification bell so you can be […]

Argentina: Fiorella Castillo, super model with soccer skills to boot

Why do I wear heels? I believe that I don’t lose my feminine side wearing them. And I feel it’s something different. If I did football tricks wearing sneakers I would just be another girl … that’s why I think doing football tricks wearing heels makes me unique My favourite player? I have two. Obviously […]

New Soccer Drill to Improve DRIBBLING & CARDIO ~ Online Soccer Academy

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TOP 5 Neymar football skills

What is up guys, pwg here and today we’re going to teach you guys our top 5 Neymar in match skill moves. Normally I would do the teaching but I got struck with the man flu, so we decided to bring the camera man with a great tekkers the obnoxious attitude and the floppy hair […]