How to shoot a Pistol with world champion shooter, Jerry Miculek

[Applause] well did he get lucky or what he did eight rounds on four targets 1.06 six shots of reload and six shots 2.9 seconds hi I'm Jerry Mitchell our I've been a professional shooter for over 35 years also a member of the Smith & Wesson professional shooting team for over 25 years I […]

TOP 10 BEST FORTNITE PLAYERS RANKED! (it's really difficult)

hey what's up so today ladies and gentlemen I'm coming at you with the very difficult task of ranking the top 10 for night players as of August 20 18 about 6 months ago I did a video like this just ranking the top 10 for night players essentially simply based on their ability to […]


so today we're going to be taking a little trip down memory lane and looking back to the days of fortnight season 4 this is a very noteworthy season as I feel like this was kind of the peak of height for fortnight and also a ton of people were just starting to get into […]

Cricbuzz LIVE: Match 14, India v Australia, Post-match show

so it's two and two for India at the World Cup for South Africa and now Australia to big scalps to start a massive tournament and here we're going to review all of it on my 11 circle presents crit buzz live what a wonderful victory in front of a packed house not just at […]

Cricbuzz LIVE: Match 14, India v Australia, Pre-match show

my 11th circle presents crib buzz live all eyes on the oval in London just south of the Thames and of course doesn't have to be the home team as an England playing there but everyone's got a seat at The Oval India taking on Australia this is the same opposition's in a sense that […]

[REQUESTED] Ragan Smith USA Overall Program and Difficulty || Olympics 2020

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And I Will Kiss – Underworld featuring Dame Evelyn Glennie – 2012 London Olympic Games