Advice from VA Clinical Experts – Winter Sports Clinic

Music If you’re thinking about getting involved with adaptive sports after you’ve had an injury or an illness, there is literally something for everyone so you can pick your sport and develop ways to get involved with that sport. When you pick out a sport, really look at things that you enjoyed prior to your […]

Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan

What the [expletive] is bobsleigh? Can I say that? It’s Cosmo, right? Hey everybody! I’m Adam Rippon and I love judging people, and today I’m gonna judge Olympic sports from easy to hard. I mean this sounds difficult. This can go up at the top. Bobsleigh. OK, alpine skiing. I have to move bobsleigh down. […]

Athletes with Disabilities at The Hartford Ski Spectacular – Disabled Sports USA

I come here to test myself. Experience. Speed. Meet others like me. Learn to live again. Because this mountain has a summit. As does every other obstacle in my life. And sometimes when the barriers seem too high– Too much. Too difficult. Overwhelming. You need to come to a place like this– To remind yourself– […]

Weird and Wild Sports Updates from Around the World (feat. Bob Menery) – Lights Out with David Spade

By the way, the NFL players aren’t the only ones– back on the prompter– making news. Let’s take a look at some lesser-known athletes around the world. Lights Out sports update, guys. -Whoa! -Ladies and gentlemen, Bob Mowry here. Welcome to the Lights Out Sports Update. Taking a look around the world to find the […]

Winter sports are facing many challenges. Can they survive? | The Economist

Winter sports are under threat The multi-billion dollar industry… …the livelihood for many mountain communities, faces a double problem The popularity of skiing and snowboarding is declining in the rich world… …and resorts are having to cope with a warming climate This luxury hotel is the birthplace of winter sports Welcome to the Kulm Hotel […]

Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Ah! What a gorgeous day. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Hey! Dude! Come on, man! Sorry, it’s kind of my buddy’s thing. Ow! Ugh! Got to let go, man! Woo! Ha ha! Ski tips up! It’s time to shred the gnar– Can you grab me a couple of chili cheese corn dogs? I’m going to smoke […]

Para Alpine Skiing: Sports of the Paralympic Winter Games

Para alpine skiing is a snow sport where men and women with physical and vision impairments race down mountain slopes at top speeds. The sport was born when disabled veterans returning home from the Second World War began looking for ways to return to the activities they loved. The skiing movement grew so big that […]


What’s up everybody we’re the Vagabrothers and this week we’re in Mont-Blanc Chamonix, France!!! Chamonix, in the French Alpine region of Haute Savoie is a place of legends tucked into a sharp valley at the base of Mont- Blanc The highest mountain in Western Europe It’s a place many outdoorsmen dream of visiting It’s also […]

Fat Bikes Gain Traction As New Winter Sport

It’s winter. Perfect time to enjoy the snow — on a bicycle? As long as it’s got very big tires. They’re called fat bikes. And because of them, a growing number of cyclists are riding outdoors year-round. They are just novel. I mean, who thinks that you can ride a bike on snow, right? You […]

Teenager Crey targets Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 | Heroes of the Future

Tom Crey on the exit line. Let’s go, Tom. My name is Tom Crey, I’m 15. My objective in the long term is to participate in Beijing 2022. It would be an amazing adventure and I’d love to experience it. I love skiing very much. It really is my passion. I’m a member of a […]