Steep: Made in the Alps #6 – Events & Tournaments

Steep was really designed to be a live game from the very beginning, to make it long-lasting and to be able to adjust it according to feedback from the community. So we have several features planned for this: there are Community Events, there are Branded Events, and we also have a Tournament system. On a […]

Apply NOW! 2018 Winter Sports Clinic

♫ [Music] ♫ To me the winter sports clinic is the best program that the VA as far as a medical thing, but it’s the best clinic the VA’s ever in my view, put on. I’ve been here every clinic, 31 years. This is really rehab. Well, it’s amazing so many people, so many things […]

Judgement Day | Tour de France 2019 Stage 20 Preview

– It has been a fantastic Tour de France so far and stage 20 looks set to be somewhat of an encore to what’s been a brutal race. The GC battle has been hotly contested over the last three weeks, but whether or not stage 20 proves to be decisive for the overall classification is […]

Sport mondialisé : du pain et des jeux #DATAGUEULE 60

Les JO, un esprit plus si sain , dans un corset. Bonjour. Une flamme. Frêle lueur au boût d’une torche. Passé de main en main comme un espoir qui jamais ne s’éteint, qu’il pleuve, neige ou vente. Ha! Le beau message de la flamme olympique. Pour arriver à Sotchi en 2014, elle a parcouru 65 […]

Winter sports are facing many challenges. Can they survive? | The Economist

Winter sports are under threat The multi-billion dollar industry… …the livelihood for many mountain communities, faces a double problem The popularity of skiing and snowboarding is declining in the rich world… …and resorts are having to cope with a warming climate This luxury hotel is the birthplace of winter sports Welcome to the Kulm Hotel […]


What’s up everybody we’re the Vagabrothers and this week we’re in Mont-Blanc Chamonix, France!!! Chamonix, in the French Alpine region of Haute Savoie is a place of legends tucked into a sharp valley at the base of Mont- Blanc The highest mountain in Western Europe It’s a place many outdoorsmen dream of visiting It’s also […]

Learn English – English Sports Vocabulary

basketball basketball baseball baseball volleyball volleyball ski ski swimming swimming marathon marathon tennis tennis golf golf cycling cycling badminton badminton basketball baseball volleyball ski swimming marathon tennis Golf cycling badminton you

Teenager Crey targets Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 | Heroes of the Future

Tom Crey on the exit line. Let’s go, Tom. My name is Tom Crey, I’m 15. My objective in the long term is to participate in Beijing 2022. It would be an amazing adventure and I’d love to experience it. I love skiing very much. It really is my passion. I’m a member of a […]

Atomic Mountain Academy

I live in Whistler, Canada. We see a lot of avalanche activity every season. Skiing offpiste starts with knowledge. The experience and training that I have had in the backcountry helped me to get safely going up and going down. Having the backcountry equipment that is necessary like your beacon, shovel and probe are all […]

The “Comaneci” of Ski Jumping Gets The First Perfect 20s | Olympics on the Record

The Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. The year – 1998. Japan’s best hope for a gold medal lay in the ski jump, and the man to carry that burden was 23-year-old Kazuyoshi Funaki. It takes years of preparation to reach the final of an Olympic ski jump event. For decades, ski jumpers had been […]