Aussie Basketball Star Patty Mills as a Teen | Before They Were Superstars

As a player, his obvious strength is his athleticism. He’s got legitimate international quickness and that’s something that’s very difficult to teach. Size is a thing that NBA is not so worried about now. There’s people like Tony Parker and those type of guys around the same size and he offers similar things. I’m going […]

How To Forehand Drive & Backhand Chop in Table Tennis | Olympians’ Tips

FOREHAND DRIVE To drive well, first, you need to lower your centre of gravity. Move your weight to the right and then shift it to your left as you swing through. TIP 1: LOWER YOUR CENTRE OF GRAVITY AND MOVE YOUR WEIGHT FROM ONE LEG TO THE OTHER AS YOU SWING THROUGH To put a […]

The Intelligent Basketball to Improve your Dribble | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Do you know your dribble and crossover speed? Who has the best technique? This basketball will answer all these questions. (PERFORMANCE, POWER, PRECISION, TRAINING,) (SPEED, GADGET, ENDURANCE, DATA, INTELLIGENT BASKETBALL) This smart technology measures your dribbling speed, analyses your ball-handling skills and lets you know what to work on in […]

GoPro: “Two Roads” – Tennis with the Bryan Brothers Twins (Ep. 6)

We played our first tournament at age six, and we’ve been playing tournaments pretty much every week since. My dad really made tennis fun for us. At a young age that was the key to lighting fire. We were just trying to get as many trophies as we could. Singles, doubles, mixed doubles, whatever the […]

The story of the German Table Tennis team at Beijing 2008

​Table Tennis ​is the biggest sport in China, it has a completely different standing and we were being greeted differently there than we would in countries like Switzerland in Europa or America. I remember it well, Dirk Nowitzki was carrying the flag in the opening ceremony, Timo and me were just trotting behind somewhere a […]

The Tennis Shoes Designed to Glide on Hard Courts | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Can you imagine tennis shoes that allow the player to cover the court quicker? Stop imagining – there are shoes that make this possible. (TENNIS GLIDE SHOES) A professional tennis player can hit the ball at speeds faster than 200km/h. Competitors have barely a fraction of a second to respond. […]

From Beijing 2008 to Beijing 2022: China Discovers Winter Sports | Coming of Age

The change of sports before and after 2008 – in my opinion sports were competitive before 2008, and sports have become part of daily life after 2008. And that is the significant difference. After the Beijing Olympic Games, the overall sports atmosphere in Beijing has undergone huge changes. In the Olympic Forest Park in the […]

The fight is for life in India’s oldest Wrestling club | Can’t Stay Down

I came here in 1998. Only 12 to 13 years old, I weighed 42kg. My uncle Ramesh Mor, who was a wrestler himself, brought me here. He gave his blessings, saying I’ll become an ace wrestler. (LOCAL WRESTLING CLUB, DELHI, INDIA) Guru Hanumanji established this akhara in 1928. This is India’s premier wrestling club. Boys […]

The Wrestling Mates and Mentors | Gold Medal Entourage

I’m Jaime Espinal and I am from Puerto Rico. I am Franklin Gomez. I grew up in Puerto Rico. I have a very good relationship with Franklin. At some point, he became my mentor, my father figure. He took me in at a time when I was… I was quite crazy. I was doing a […]