How To Improve Your Swimming Turns ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle, Olympic swimming coach. And whether it be starts or turns or strokes, these are the things that help us make Olympians out of the kids that are here swimming with us. Turns are going to be really important because what we talk about is speed in means speed out. For you […]

The Art of Freestyle Wrestling | Faster Higher Stronger

The basic rules in wrestling is you get two points [for] a takedown? You get two points for a turn and the goal is [to] ultimately either pin your opponent Shoulder-Blades to the mat or make sure at the end of the six minutes that you have more points on the board than he does […]

The “Comaneci” of Ski Jumping Gets The First Perfect 20s | Olympics on the Record

The Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. The year – 1998. Japan’s best hope for a gold medal lay in the ski jump, and the man to carry that burden was 23-year-old Kazuyoshi Funaki. It takes years of preparation to reach the final of an Olympic ski jump event. For decades, ski jumpers had been […]

How the Rio 2016 Olympic Cauldron was Made | Viva! – Behind the Scenes Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

(VIVA – THE OPENING CEREMONY DOCUMENTARY (OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES RIO 2016 THE CAULDRON) Back in the US, I live on a remote island called Orcas Island. And I have ten acres of land. I have a very large shop. I then manipulate the metal into whatever shapes they are, using a variety of tools. […]

What’s inside an Olympic Torch?

(mechanical whirring) – The 2016 Rio Olympic Torch. This is the real deal, the Olympic flame was in here, run through a city in Brazil. – It’s true, these are the read deal clothes that came with the torch. There was a man in here who ran through Brazil. – How do they smell? – […]

Clara Hughes – The “Olympic Delinquent” Who Won Six Medals | Legends Live On

Everything I did in sport has just, like, I mean, it’s dictated the rest of my life. (LEGENDS LIVE ON CLARA HUGHES) I’m not a person that attaches memories to things. Like, my Olympic experiences, many of them ended with medals. Those medals don’t define what the experience was. Growing up I got into a […]

Elisa Di Francisca [ITA] on becoming Olympic Foil champion at London 2012

I trained very hard. It’s the same for every competition I had. And you are ready and fully prepared. You put the mask o and don’t care about who’s in front of you. You only think about Fencing. It’s the final of the London Olympics. I didn’t watch it straight after the Olympics, I took […]

Ines and Erwann: Together Against Every Prejudice | A Game for Two

I’m Ines Boubakri, bronze medal of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Fencing is a family matter. I started with my mother when I was younger. She was my first coach. Then over time the mother/daughter relationship started to get tense, so she stepped aside and I started working with other fencing masters. My name is Erwann […]

I am a Gymnast ft. Pirjo Wolfisberg – Youth Olympic Games

Gymnastics for me is really special because we can jump very high. I love it. It feels like I’m flying. The most important part of my body is my legs. We have to have explosiveness, energy and elegance. In gymnastics, our mind is just as important as our bodies. It’s 50% mind and 50% body. […]

Usain Bolt at age 17 | Before They Were Superstars

I am number one! Go! He wants to be Olympic champion, world champion. It’s not going to be easy. He’s from a little community by the name of Sherwood, and I can tell you that they love him around there. Welcome to Jamaica. Usain grew up in Sherwood Content. It’s a place with a reputation […]