Stephen Curry Crossover Move (BREAK ANKLES): Basketball Moves (HD)

Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw from Shot let’s learn the in and out counter. The in and out counter move starts just like the original in and out move where you are rolling your hand over the ball and stabbing in the inside direction. So it starts out the same, roll your hand over […]

BEACH TENNIS – N# 5 Conoce mas con Gustavo Staniscia

I’m Gustavo Staniscia, explaining BEACH TENNIS to you, a sport that is growing fast all over the world. The Drop shot and Counter drop shot are strokes in which we try to play the ball over the net as closely as possible. We go to the ball placing the racket in the right way so […]

Basketball Drills: Florida Gators Baseline Runner Pick & Pop

– Hey Mike White here with the Florida Gators. We’re gonna take you through a drill we call Baseline Runner Pick and Pop, let’s check it out. (upbeat music) (electronic whooshing) Okay in this drill we’re gonna start with three lines, one line starting in the corner, and then a line on each wing. So […]

AO International Tennis: Gameplay sneak peak

Flat shots use a minimal amount of spin. This shot is designed to focus on placement and power. It is best used as a strong shot to speed up the rally. Slice shots hit the ball in such a way that it begins to spin backwards. This slows down the ball, changing the timing of […]

Table Tennis Drop Shot | PingSkills

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills today we’re going to show you how to execute the drop shot. When you force your opponent away from the table, the important part with a drop shot is to keep it as close as you can to the net. Even if the ball goes up a little bit […]

Basketball Game 3D 🏀 — Unity Asset — Throw Ball for Desktop

Unity Game Engine Basketball Game 3D Unity Asset Click Mode (Easy) Throw a ball for scoring by clicking any point on the screen (easy mode). Hoop Movement & Dissolving (Fading) VFX for All Game Objects. Super Realistic Physics of a Basketball Net & Ring. Dynamic Sound System: play Sounds based on speed, pitch and volume […]

Charlotte Flair Takes Shot at Trish Stratus’ Entire Era of Wrestling

Charlotte Flair Takes Shot at Trish Stratus’ Entire Era of Wrestling Trish Status was a trailblazer as she, Lita and a host of other women had to fight for a spot on the WWE roster before a time when there was a Women’s Revolution Now Charlotte Flair is taking a shot at all of them […]

Playing HORSE in HEELS !! #basketball

we’re going to play H.O.R.S.E today in a dress and heels this one’s going to be tough because I wouldn’t be able to do any fancy layups and.. I wouldn’t even be able to shoot a jumpshot properly here are my friends harshul sanjana and aniket !! first shot…. underarm off hand shot ohh !! […]

Youth Basketball Shooting Tips : Youth Basketball Free Throws: Hand Release

Hi, this is Sean Hobson and we’re talking about using the proper mechanics of being a good shooter and being a good free throw shooter. One of the most important things obviously now that we’ve worked ourselves up to is making the actual shot. Its very important to use the proper mechanics when making the […]