heroin – seen it and today my guest is Bruce who’s going to have a match for hardcore title tonight at iwf danger zone tonight your head match for the it’s like a rematch because he’s for my title from in Budapest oh it’s the second time third time in Russia first time I was […]

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Interview on Pro Wrestling Radio

>>Eric: Bobby what are the reasons behind writing your new book?>>Bobby: There were many reasons to write the new book. Well, money. But also my writer, Steve Anderson, he said ëletís do it different.í My agent said ëletís do a motivational book. Can you motivate anybody?í I said I can motivate people to kill me.>>Eric: […]

Randy Orton Challenges The Rock Jericho Shoots On WWE Finn Balor About NXT Return Wrestling News!

October 4 news We’re starting off with some very interesting news from WWE as the biggest promotion in the world has referenced the competition. After the premiere of AEW Dynamite on TNT, WWE sent out an official response congratulating the new company, saying that the real winners were the fans. “Congratulations to AEW on a […]

Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview on Pro Wrestling Radio

>>Eric Gargiulo: Was it hard to open up about your relationships for millions of readers to read?>>Steve Austin: (laughs) I have been asked that quite a few times because I think many people, especially in the business you know, know that I live a pretty private life. When I was first approached to do a […]

Interview with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake | GO Pro Wrestling

hey guys it’s Brittany with GoPro wrestling I’m here with the Hall of Famer himself getting ready to cut an awesome interview how are you doing oh damn just looking at that so nice okay I’m doing great no never better Hall of Fame just get back from what you just said it oh we […]

Raven – How Vince McMahon & WWF Bankrupted the Territories

(Let’s go back to when you were writing for the WWF. I wanted to get your take on what you thought about some of the gimmicks at the time. The best and the worst.) I wasn’t actually writing for them. I was producing, it is a big difference. The writers were Pat Patterson and Bruce […]

Interview with Earl Hebner | GO Pro Wrestling

hey guys it’s Brittany with Go Pro Wrestling I’m here with few legends himself Earl Hebner how’re you doing today I’m doing good since you walked up you know what you’re beautiful oh here’s a wonder you just made my day you made my day seriously you just being here awesome hey this is a […]

Dark Cash on Wes Brisco Title Match Aug 10

this is Hannibal from the Hannibal and right now I am bringing in dark cash who is gonna be managing Wes August 10th in Petawawa Wes has a Canadian title match against maximum testosterone what can we expect in this match first of all before to expect something I want the people here to […]

Chris Jericho on his match with Kenny Omega, his AEW contract, Double or Nothing