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The emotion, the tears in the eyes of Reigns.>>It’s the way it should be. [MUSIC]>>Sometimes when you come so close and you come so close, and you finally get to the summit. [MUSIC] It becomes so special. And here comes congratulations, special congratulations from the boss, a official congratulations from Triple H. [MUSIC]>>And a spear, […]

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– Ready, one, two, three. We are the– – Naw, man, ya got the timing all wrong. (beep) – We don’t set the bar, we are– – Nope, wrong again. (beep) – We don’t set the bar, we are– – Wrong! – I can’t work like this. (crashing) – Guess what, still bad timing. (energetic […]

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– [Man] Without further ado, your instructors. (screaming) (rock music) (gentle music) – And they have no idea what they’re in for. (upbeat music) – This is gonna be fun. – Before we start the workshop, I need to know whether or not you’re true WWE fans. Tell me why you love Sasha Banks and […]