John Cena Tells His Side of the Story About “Chopping” Sean Casey

-I know you have three nieces. Were they excited to see you in that “My Little Pony” shirt? -So, they haven’t seen me yet, and I’m like this crazy, weird mythical Uncle John… -Yeah. -…that when I show up I’m a cartoon character ’cause they see me on television and they haven’t been able to […]

Shaq and Charles Barkley’s EPIC Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

Come on, Chuck. You can do it, baby. You ready? I’m ready. We got 20 seconds on the clock, please. Here we go. We asked 100 married women, “If it were up to you, how many nights a week would you make love?” Three. “Name something specific on a football player that might be too […]