Coolest assisted finishing moves: WWE Top 10, Aug. 24, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Xavier Woods can barely stand.>>And now lined up for the running knee. [SOUND] And look at this, Ryder, man. And he stunned Daniel Bryan momentarily. And look at- [SOUND] >>Wait a second. I believe Billy Gunn is calling world famous elevation and with the help of Chuck I think that’s the first time […]

The New Day vs. Randy Orton & The Revival: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 13, 2019

Woods with the rolling elbow, but can he make it to his corner make a tag quick tag by Wilder to Dawson? So quick and Dawson just puts his body in between Woods and the other members of The New Day. Tag. And here comes Randy Orton, now Woods. Woods is trying to fend off […]

Behind Randy Orton & The Revival’s dangerous new alliance: WWE Now

Cathy Kelley here for WWE Now. And Randy Orton has a new running buddies in The Revival, and they are coming straight for The New Day!>>No, look at- >>Yes.>>Look at Big E!>>And he’s got that look in his eyes!>>My [INAUDIBLE] >>Randy Orton! [SOUND] >>Hell no!>>Coming out of nowhere!>>And Kofi taken out [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] >>[INAUDIBLE] Get […]

The night Brock destroyed John Cena

[MUSIC] [SOUND] >>It’s for the WWE World heavyweight Championship. Cena, Lesnar, the biggest fight this summer.>>[MUSIC]>>Lesnar’s got him up. And five, and five, and five.>>I don’t think John Cena has ever been dominated like that before in his entire WWE career. SummerSlam 2014 was where Suplex City was started. Lesnar is manhandling Cena, and another […]

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 12, 2019

[MUSIC] Double team, the Viking experience.>>Thank god for socialized healthcare.>>One, two, three.>>[SOUND] And your winners, The Viking Raiders.>>Now there you go. That’s what happens when you face The Viking Raiders. You get turned inside out and you get left looking like that. [MUSIC] [SOUND] The Revival and R-Truth. R-Truth, the current 24/7 Champion. And look […]

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, August 20, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Murphy sends Bryan to the outside.>>What kind of repercussions will Buddy face if he is lying?>>Murphy over the top. And he takes down Daniel Bryan.>>I don’t know, fame, money.>>Can Murphy put away Bryan tonight?>>Come on.>>Might be on the verge of securing that victory>>Setting up for compactor, Tucker is legal, face press. Now great […]

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, August 13, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] How did she recover after coming up short at SummerSlam? Look at this, my God, launched out of the ring! [SOUND] That’s how you recover, you push the limit, you take a risk. [SOUND] And Kevin you know as a competitor that we have to protect our officials, you know this. You can […]

Kofi Kingston escalates his rivalry with Randy Orton and The Revival: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019

Unlike Kofi Kingston I am not a liar. Unlike Kofi Kingston I speak the truth and the truth is at Summer Slam a few weeks ago Kofi Kingston ran from a fight against me in front of his wife and two children. Why? I’ll tell you ladies and gentlemen because Kofi Kingston is stupid. Last […]

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, February 11, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Tag by Dawson.>>Dawson is legal. Good God man. >>I don’t think Bagriel realizes that Dawson’s the legal man. But now he does. German suplex released by Gabel.>>[NOISE] >>I mean would you like to do a duet with Alliance right now? [APPLAUSE] Yeah? All right I’ll tell you what. You two got the best seat in […]

The Six-Man Tag Team Match continues during the break: Raw Exclusive, July 8, 2019