WHY Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

To understand the injustice that has been done to exercise, let’s pretend we’re back in 1995 and Nintendo is advertising the Nintendo 64. When marketing, they talk solely about the technical aspects of the machine and how it has a 93.7 megahertz processor compared to the Super Nintendo’s measly 3.56 megahertz processor. The N64 flops […]

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

Time for school And it’s no surprise that many of us are determined to study smarter instead of longer But which study tips and tricks actually work scientifically, and can help you get those perfect grades First step, research shows that study sessions are most effective in small short chunks Instead of cramming in a […]

Sports Gender Controversy – Bonus Scene | Gender Revolution

NARRATOR: Intersex. Even if you’ve heard the word, you may not know what it is. And that’s not surprising because intersex doesn’t mean just one thing. It refers to a variety of different conditions in which a child is born with anatomy that doesn’t completely conform to what’s traditionally understood to be male or female. […]

Why are IQ scores rising? Industrialization rewired our minds. | David Epstein

The Flynn effect is this startling finding that IQ scores, scores on IQ tests around the world, in the 20th century have been rising at a pretty steady rate of about three points per decade. And not only have they been rising at three points per decade, but the scores are rising on the most […]

Neymar Jr.’s Olympic Dream | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic focus turns to football as Neymar Jr. and his national teammates prepare to go for gold on home turf. I hope it’ll be a great Olympics for Brazilian people, for all sports in Brazil and that everybody on the Brazilian team gets a medal, especially the football team. It’s the only thing the […]

What are some of the weirdest sports in the Olympics?

(phone ringing) – Hi, it’s Doug. So, not only am I a big fan of the Olympics, I’m also a big fan of flags. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics and I like to guess which countries are competing by just looking at […]

Why Do People Obsess Over Sports?

Your heart races and your cheeks begin to flush; as you anticipate the surge of energy this win will bring, you move to the edge of your seat – you can’t get enough! So why are we so passionately involved or obsessed with sports? Hormones control the way we feel and are stimulated by every […]

Math in the Winter Olympic Games | Things Explained: Angles

The Winter Olympics is a major international sporting event held every four years. Athletes participate in many different sports— highlighting their strength, precision, and endurance. But if we look at the Winter Olympics from a different angle, we see that these sports involve quite a bit of math. Take ice hockey for example. The design […]

The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

CIÊNCIA DO ESPORTE Começamos esse teste com uma simples pergunta. A adrenalina realmente aumenta a performance? Adicionar adrenalina permitiria que a estrela das artes marciais, Houston “The Assassin” Alexander, realmente socasse com mais força? Primeiro estabelecemos uma referência para ver quão forte Houston bate sem adrenalina. Então o deixamos nervoso, bem nervoso. Quero que libere […]

Anatomy Of a Weightlifter: What are their Biggest Strengths?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. That’s it, come on! As we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A WEIGHTLIFTER) Weightlifting is an incredibly transient sport, in other words, it only lasts for very short periods of time, just seconds. […]