PJ Masks Kids In Real Life Adventure Heroes IRL Soccer Ball – Halloween Costume Pranks

Hi boys and girls….look who’s here! We have Owlette…Gekko…and Catboy…And they are the PJ Masks! Oh No, it’s Joker the mean villain. He wants to steal the soccer ball….but this is the PJ Masks ball! The Joker thinks that he is better at soccer than the PJ Masks. Hey I have an idea…let’s have Joker […]

Immersion – NBA Jam in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

In many sports games players can earn power-ups by performing big plays and epic moves. Take, for instance, NBA Jam here where the ball literally catches fire engulfing the player, the net, and even the court in flames. But, come on, there’s no way a flaming basketball can actually improve the performance of our lab […]

Robocup – robot soccer & beyond

[MUSIC] Peter Stone The mode of rule development or changes within Robocup is always that once a particular challenge is either solved or people can handle it, more or less, you make the problem harder. The rules of the game have changed and as a result that’s driven changes in our approach and in the […]

If the Sun Were the Size of a Basketball – Random Space Fact 01

Random Space Fact If the Sun were the size of a basketball Then the Earth would be the size Of a sesame seed 25 meters away If you liked this video hit the subscribe button

What’s inside a SQUARE BASKETBALL?

Throw it at me buddy, I’m just going to hit it with this hatchet just don’t want to hit Welcome back to What’s Inside I’m Lincon and this is Dan and today we have a cube It’s a basketball trainer, this is our weirdest basketball video that we’ve ever done, its weird. It’s like a […]

How to get started in CB 11m 27mhz Citizen Band Radio

hello welcome my name is Callum from DX Commander I’m an amateur radio operator but I started off in life in this particular hobby of ours on CB something called 27 megahertz and 27 megahertz is sometimes known as the 11 meter band okay so you can be a CB operator or you can be […]

Nayla Abney: STEM and Soccer Standout

Sports give you the opportunity to learn some real life lessons about hard work, dedication, time management. And you really make close friends and different relationships with people that you may not have made before. You come out here and everyone’s on the same playing field. You don’t have to worry about different economic backgrounds […]

Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball | Innovation Nation

sometimes the extraordinary is masked in the ordinary take the humble soccer ball for example when 26 year old inventor Jessica O Matthews got a hold of it you could say it became a thing of magic located in New York City I met up with Jessica to find out more about one very bright […]

Returning a pro tennis serve: just don’t watch the ball

Keep your eye on the ball, is one of the first pieces of sporting advice we are all given. Which seems pretty sensible, when facing an object potentially moving at 100 mph plus. But is it even possible? The average male tennis pro has a serve of around 125mph. Baseball pitchers are throwing on average […]

Robot soccer dogs

[Music] Peggy Fidelman One thing that’s really great about robotics is that you get to see what you did. I guess maybe everybody wants to have a little army of slaves doing everything they tell them to do, right? I mean, you tell the robot to walk in a certain way, and when that works, […]