Hey, guys. I am here in the women’s soccer facility. We have the finest soccer program in the country and I’m just not bragging, it’s true. Great GPAs, academically among the best. But on top of everything else they just represent this University so very well. We’re going to celebrate our women’s soccer team. Let’s […]

PJ Masks Kids In Real Life Adventure Heroes IRL Soccer Ball – Halloween Costume Pranks

Hi boys and girls….look who’s here! We have Owlette…Gekko…and Catboy…And they are the PJ Masks! Oh No, it’s Joker the mean villain. He wants to steal the soccer ball….but this is the PJ Masks ball! The Joker thinks that he is better at soccer than the PJ Masks. Hey I have an idea…let’s have Joker […]

Soccer Drills for Beginners : Toe Touch Drill: Beginning Soccer Drill

My name is Josh Blair, high school boys’ soccer coach at Waterford High School. Continuing with the touch drill, 1 touch on top of the ball 1 minute.

Game Recap: Morningside takes home second-straight title in football

Distinguished Speaker Series: Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach – Men’s Basketball, Duke University

– Good evening. It’s my pleasure to welcome this year’s final Distinguished Speaker Series guest, and a man who needs no introduction. Coach Mike Krzyzewski. (cheers and applause) Over the course of his 39 years leading Duke’s Men’s Basketball team, Coach K. has built an incredible legacy of success on and off the court. The […]