Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location)

* epische Musik wird immer intensiver* Ich bin Springtrap! "Eine Horde Balloon Boys tauchte aus der Höhle auf, zitterten hin und her auf wackeligen Füßen." "Ihre spitzen Zähne klappern laut, als sie mit starrenden Augen nach vorne wackelten." " 'Nicht nochmal! Ich hasse diese Dinger!', schrie Jessica." Wir beide, Schwester, wir beide! High Five! (klatsch) […]

Game Theory: Would YOU Stay Blind? (Close Your Eyes)

*Schweres Atmen, verzogene Orchestermusik* Das wird dich nicht beschützen. *Schrei* *Game Theory Intro Musik* Schau nicht hinter dich. *Game Theory Intro Musik* Sie haben uns angelogen. *Game Theory Intro Musik* Hallo Internet! Willkommen zu Game Theory, die Sendung, die dich normalerweise dazu ermutigt, die Welt, sowohl mit Verstand und weit geöffneten Augen zu sehen. Aber […]


Oh God oh my god hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to granny this is the first time I loaded up so I didn't know that granny who's gonna be looming over me okay so this is a horror game where you're trapped in granny's house I don't know why no I'm afraid […]

Baldi's Basics FULL GAME

hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to baldies basics and education and learning now this game was highly highly highly recommended by you guys you said that I absolutely had to play this game and if you clicked on this and you've never seen this game before in your life you're ready well […]

Game Theory: Petscop – The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game

Game Theory: Petscop – The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play!

Game Theory: Hello Neighbor's SATANIC Plot!

it's a beautiful day in this limited oddly Honi burritos welcome to game theory and wouldn't you know it it's the holiday season the time of love and togetherness a time for family and Brotherhood a time when we're called to serve as a neighbor to one another in this great big brotherhood of man […]