Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

(techno music) – Hey this is Dan from The Verge and this the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s the latest smart watch from Samsung and it actually joins the Galaxy Watch Active that was released earlier this year. Samsung is going to be selling both of these at the same time so you […]

How ESPORTS Became a $1.1 Billion Industry: Sold Out Stadiums, HUGE Prize $$$, Twitch & More…

– ‘Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re having a fantastic Friday, welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show, and if you’re new here, on Fridays we do things a little bit different. On Fridays, I like to deep dive into just one topic, sometimes it’s light and interesting, sometimes dark and important, and I figured […]

S8 Streaming: Hang Gliding

MAN: I learnt to fly when I was 14. I now travel the world, living my dream of flying around and competing against my friends. Today I’m gonna be streaming live from the beautiful Mount Tamborine using the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 on the Telstra 4GX service. I’m gonna see what happens when Australia’s fastest […]

Tech Tip: Stream To TV Without Chromecast

Hi I’m Adam this is Musing of a Man today I’m going to show you in three easy steps how to play videos off your Android device straight to your TV so today we’re looking at video streaming and specifically streaming video from your Android device to your Smart TV or your smart set-top box […]

Stream Live Videos From Your Smartphone or Tablet To Your Computer

alright guys today I want to show you how you can live stream stream from your smartphone’s to your computer or to anyone else on the Internet so really handy tool to have in the know about so I’m you see how this is done foreseen it is go out your app storm download this […]


– Samsung just launched the new Gear Sport, and I got a little hands on time with it, and I think I’ve figured it out at this point. So, here’s my complete walk through of the device for anyone curious. The watch is aimed at fitness, hence the sport in the name. And it looks […]

Olympic Games (Official Theme) – Rio 2016 – Tema Oficial dos Jogos Olímpicos – “Alma e Coração”

I know what I want for life because nothing comes easy, brother With no sweat the value of achievement remains in vain. It’s always time to make something better happen, And your time will come … (Now it’s for real!) A new world with good people only This is my place I was not born […]

Live Stream from Your Cell Phone or iPad to Anyone In The Word Through The Internet

hey guys today I want to show you how I can live stream videos from your smartphone to your TV now we were you start this is you need to go to your app store and download youstream it’s available for free I’m I believe they also have a pay version is advertisement free and […]

Galaxy Note 8 Olympic-Games Edition [Unboxing] 5G/LTE+ Test

Hello, yesterday we arrived in Pyeongchang at the Olympic Winter Games 2018. Now we are at our room and in the Background you see the Olympic Village. There you see some of the towers where the diffrent nations live some of them are tagged with flags. At our arrival we didn’t just get our room […]

Tab S6 leaks show an iPad Pro (attempted) competitor

well given Samsung leaks just about anything these days you think they had to pay people off to get these pictures they're not they're not trying to Samsung is definitely letting all these pictures out anyway but today we'll be unpacking all the leaks surrounding the Galaxy Tab s6 Samsung's attempt to combat the amazing […]