If golf and soccer switched announcers

Christiano Ronaldo with a shot to get back to even. Really has a chance to sink this one. It should go a bit right to left but he’s got a good look at it. We’ll need the ball back in his stance just a bit. Solid contact and he sinks it. Really nice stroke. Tigers […]

Cristiano Ronaldo fans all make same Lionel Messi joke after Juventus star nets hat trick

Cristiano Ronaldo fans all make same Lionel Messi joke after Juventus star nets at trick Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Jews and Jess against Cagliari Cristiano Ronaldo fans were quick to make the same joke as the Juventus star started 2020 with a bang he netted a hat-trick against Cagliari and surprisingly moving ahead […]


Ronaldo goals in the channel Messi goals in the channel Neymar goals in the channel Salah goals in the channel Hazard goals in the channel Pogba goals in the channel Barcelona goals in the channel Real Madrid goals in the channel Liverpool goals in the channel


Cristiano Ronaldo Flying – MEME 😂


💥The Ronaldo Jump!💥 (CR7 scores incredble header – what a jump!) Parody Juventus vs Sampdoria

– Sandro crosses the ball! – Don’t worry – I got this! CR7! Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, stay up don’t come down! – Jump! Jump! Jump! – It’s a Ronny Jump! I leap up, head it in! I get us the win! Thighs of steel! Coz I live in my gym – Is […]

#ElOtroLado – Escuela De Fútbol – Enchufe.tv

mmm… hello?? Watch out! -no… You’re doing it all wrong! -Wait, isn´t this a soccer school? Yes! and you just failed your first test -Ugh? I don´t understand. -I´m teaching you one of the professional bases of soccer Gutierréz! What?! but he didn´t even hit his head It doesn’t matter if he bumped his head, […]

Soccer Skills – High Ball Ground Control

High Ball Ground Control How to control high balls on the ground: 1. Juggle the ball a few times, kick it straight above your head but not too high. 2. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times and follow the ball as it touches the ground. 3. As soon as the ball touches […]

It’s Move-In Day For The World’s Top Footballers | The Champions S1E1

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers… and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite… and start getting Re-al. This is… The Champions. Some say I’m the best in the world… I agree with them. I’m Lionel Messi. I let my football speak for itself… I should have […]