PAW Patrol: ‘Picture PAWfect Dress-Up’ Official Game Walkthrough 🕶 | Nick Jr. Games

Nick Junior’s Junior Gamers. Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Rosie. Today I’m playing Paw Patrol’s new game, Picture Pawfect Dress-Up. We get to help the Paw Patrol Pups get ready for Adventure Bay Picture Day. – No job is too big! – No pup is too small! Hmm, who should I help get ready first? I’m […]

Play the PAW Patrol Memory Game & Test Your Brain! | Nick Jr.

It’s time to play a memory game with the Paw Patrol. Are you ready? Ready For action Ryder, Sir. Here’s the first question, look closely at this jungle scene and watch for a sneaky pup. Which pup do you remember seeing? If you guessed Tracker, pawsome job. I’m all ears. [LAUGHTER] Ready for the next […]

#2 London UK – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

♪ [music playing]>>Edgar Davids: Today we’re going to London to go into the second battle, second city. Still feel energized from yesterday. English soccer style is a bit physical but you have to get used to that. ♪ [music playing]>>Terror: Now we’re in London. We’re the Street Legends. And we’re gonna take on anyone who […]

#1 Netherlands – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

♪ [music playing]>>Edgar Davids: Street soccer is expressing yourself with a ball. And also physical skills and mental skills. It’s not for the weak, it’s just for the fittest and strongest.>>Little Pinto: Street Soccer is, it’s a lifestyle. It’s what I wake up for and it’s the last thing on my mind when I go […]

#10 Mathare Nairobi – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beats, techno music, upbeat] ♪ [slow music, uplifting tribal beats] We are now in Nairobi, in the ghetto. The conditions are… the conditions are terrible. I didn’t expect to see this. ♪ [slow music, uplifting tribal beats] Dju Dju: We arrived at the school, where children just want to get a education, with sport, […]

#14 Alexandra Johannesburg – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beat, techno music, upbeat] Edgar Davids: Today we are at Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. Announcer: Five a side. Rocky: Five against five. Who scores the first three goals is the winner. Announcer: This is Edgar Davids and Street Legends from Holland. They are unbeaten. ♪ [rhythmic music] Thapelo Leshabale: I’m part of the dream […]

#12 Ghana Freestyle – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beats, techno music, upbeat] ♪ [rhythmic music] Rocky: We just arrived in Accra, in Ghana, and we just came to the neighbourhood to check out some, local tournament, and it’s awesome, it’s great, I mean you see all the people, it’s, it’s really busy, there’s music, everybody’s happy, so yeah, I’m liking it, you […]

3 Ninjas (5/10) Movie CLIP – Ninja Basketball (1992) HD

Give us the ball back. Oh, does the baby want his ball back? – You’re gonna have to play us for it. – Fight! – Fight, everybody! – Fight! – Fight! – Fight! What’s the matter? You deaf? You wanna play or not? Yeah, we’ll play you. Two on two. For how much? How much? […]

CREED II | Official Trailer 2 | MGM

If we don’t do what we love then we wouldn’t exist. It’s time kid. It’s like nothing really matters to him right now… including me. You gotta think real hard about this, cause you got people that need you now. I’m taking the fight. Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago who infamously killed Apollo Creed […]

Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video

Let me tell you something you already know The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as […]