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(cheering) (whistle) (cheering continues) (whistle) (chuckling) UH… AAH! EH? EH? EH? (squeak, squeak, squeak) (teeth chattering) (whistle) (braying) HMM. (whistle) (crowd cheering) (booing) (whistle) (chuckling) (chuckling) (slurp) (crowd booing) (whistle) (birds twittering) (crowd booing) (whistles, clears throat) (grunting) (grunting, groaning) (whistle) (Muzak playing) ♪ ♪ (crowd cheering) (electronic beeping) (crack) (crowd booing) (whistle) (booing) (growling) […]

Toyota’s Olympic robots and vehicles for Tokyo 2020

Robots and tech: Tokyo gears up for 2020 Olympics

[音楽] うっわぷっ 羽毛の nu ぼん nume me me [音楽] あるいは南下し何かしらの理由で移動することが難しいという方が 遠くに行くことがで仮想的に動くことができるということでルーターが目指している モビリティーフォールを出現するひとつの姿かと思っています 今回の東京大会でも様々な方が で移動の自由いきたいと思ったら対象に出るということを少しでもサポートしたいと いうためにこの車両作っ [音楽] goo car [音楽]

New Mopping Robot, Braava Jet m6 competitor the iLife w400 Mopping Robot unboxing and first look!!!

hello YouTube my name's Nathan and you're watching will doc masters today we are going to unbox them I like W 400 this is a graduating robot die order for you guys and we're gonna see how well it stacks up with a very popular drama m6 so let's get right to the unboxing and […]


today I have a very exciting episode for you all because as the title suggests it's about machine learning but before we get into that I'd like to quickly share my history with machine learning so far back when I was a kid I've always had an interest with AI I remember seeing the famous […]

The Game of Thrones Finale Rewritten with A.I.