Cage Dives: WWE Top 10

(exciting music) – [Announcer] Where’s Shane? – [Announcer] There’s Shane McMahon. – [Announcer] What’s he doin’? – [Announcer] Shane McMahon climbing up and Rodney going up to meet Shane. And Shane just knocked Rodney off the top of the cage. What is Shane McMahon doin’? – [Announcer] Look out! – [Announcer] My God, my God, […]

The night Brock destroyed John Cena

[MUSIC] [SOUND] >>It’s for the WWE World heavyweight Championship. Cena, Lesnar, the biggest fight this summer.>>[MUSIC]>>Lesnar’s got him up. And five, and five, and five.>>I don’t think John Cena has ever been dominated like that before in his entire WWE career. SummerSlam 2014 was where Suplex City was started. Lesnar is manhandling Cena, and another […]

Angle vs. Austin vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker – WWE Championship Match: SmackDown, Dec. 7, 2000

The Undertaker trash talking with Kurt Angle. Walks into a right hand of the Undertaker.>>I can’t believe that Foley, in his right mind as commissioner would allow this to happen to our WWF champion. No champion deserves this kind of treatment.>>Well, King I agree with what you said before. Commissioner Mick Foley feeling responsible. I […]

Kyoto Event: Sumo Tournament (Ozumo Kyotobasho)

It has been six years since a Sumō Tournament was held in Kyoto. The Rikishi (wrestlers) showed the crowd their flexibility with warm-up exercises. Nervous and excited, the Rikishi readied themselves. This is a Gyōji, who referees the bouts. The Dohyō (ring) was swept and prepared for the first bout. This is a Yobidashi. He […]

All 24/7 Championship titles changes on WWE Raw Reunion July 22, 2019