One-Man Sumo: Japanese Wrestler vs. the Local God

Back in the 700s most Japanese were Shinto and worshipped kami spirits that lived in mountains, trees, and waterfalls. It’s a belief that’s still popular today. …As I soon discover a nearby Omishima Island. Oyamazumi Shrine has a rather unusual way to honor its local spirit – Hitori Zumo. “Hitori” means one person. “Zumo” means […]

6 bahnbrechende letzte Draft-Picks: WWE List This!

FOOD IS LIFE | What do Sumo Wrestlers EAT?

In this video, we’ll find out how sumo wrestlers get as big as they do. What would you eat if you had to consume 10,000 calories a day like a sumo wrestler Do share your food fantasies down below. For me hmm I would not let it go to waste. I’ll be enjoying as much […]

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The Rock’s biggest SmackDown moments: WWE Playlist

[APPLAUSE] >>Now what?>>He’s doing things his way.>>[APPLAUSE] >>The Rock is doing things his way in Richmond.>>I cannot, no.>>[APPLAUSE] >>And here it goes. Don’t tell me. [INAUDIBLE] There go the sunglasses, the people’s sunglasses. It’s the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today.>>[APPLAUSE] >>The people’s elbow.>>An exclamation point! [LAUGH] The people’s elbow. And The Rock has […]

Kurt Angle and his son Jason Jordan watch Hell in a Cell: WWE Playback

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Jason Jordan. And I’m here watching this Hell in a Cell Armageddon 2000 match with my father Kurt Angle, who happens to be in it.>>I was in it.>>Happened to be, I’m pretty sure I know what happens as well [LAUGH].>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, weighing 229 pounds, the World Wrestling Federation champion, Kurt […]

BB Bulbul: India’s 1st Female Pro-Wrestler | Unique Stories From India

Tap the bell icon and never miss out On unique stories from 101India The name my parents gave me is Sarabjit Kaur But my identity has given me the name BB Bulbul As a wrestler, the world knows me by this name Sarabjit Kaur was a girl next door, who used to cook at home […]

Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 2000

Rikishi, you talk about high risk, he’s 400 pounds.>>[NOISE] >>And all 400 of those pounds just came down on the family jewels.>>Kurt Angle shooting those forearms into that injured shoulder of Rikishi.>>My God what’s Angle think he’s gonna do here?>>My gosh. This ain’t gonna happen.>>Rikishi’s 424 pounds!>>Kurt, if he falls on you, it’ll be history.>>There’s […]

WWE’s greatest SOLVED mysteries: WWE List This!

The mystery of who tried to crush and run over Roman Reigns has been the center of Smack Down Live for several weeks. Full of twists and surprises. Like an Erick Rowan look alike and the return of Luke Harper. That got us thinking, what are the greatest WWE mysteries that were solved? Stone Cold […]

Japanese Sumo: How To Become a Champion Wrestler

I need to understand these ancient sports not just because they’re popular, but because they reflect the kind of values that the Japanese themselves hold dear. Though it won’t be easy when it comes to sumo. They don’t think much of women around here. The rules are quite straightforward: A player loses if he steps […]