Breaking Records with Christian Yelich

Convention says contenders come from the biggest markets. But this crew is anything but conventional. We know that payrolls can’t beat pride, the biggest names can’t top the loudest fans, and that record books are made to be rewritten. So to convention, we say sit back and watch, because this crew carries pride everywhere we […]

USA breaks 4x100M Women’s Records In London 2012 | The Olympics On The Record

Even the best athletes in the world get it horribly wrong once in a while. So what happens when you take four top sprinters, and ask them to hand over a 30 centimetre baton, three times, over 400 metres in a flat-out sprint? Take the US women’s 100m relay team at Athens 2004. They were […]

9 x Gold in 1 Games! Finland’s Middle Distance Runner Paavo Nurmi | The Olympics On The Record

Next time you think you have a busy week ahead, spare a thought for Paavo Nurmi at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. The record books show Nurmi won five gold medals that summer. What they don’t make clear is that he did it inside six days. It’s worth adding that Nurmi was a distance […]

Mildred Didrikson Wins Gold In Los Angeles 1932 | The Olympics On The Record

At the end of 15, I was still really small. That summer was when I started to grow. As I got taller, I ran faster and jumped farther. It was a direct correlation. When I talk about it now, people would never realise I was a small, short kid for my age. I was a […]

The “Comaneci” of Ski Jumping Gets The First Perfect 20s | Olympics on the Record

The Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. The year – 1998. Japan’s best hope for a gold medal lay in the ski jump, and the man to carry that burden was 23-year-old Kazuyoshi Funaki. It takes years of preparation to reach the final of an Olympic ski jump event. For decades, ski jumpers had been […]

The Story Behind Bob Beamon’s Long Jump Olympic Record | Olympics On The Record

This is American long jumper Bob Beamon, on the track, about to attempt his first jump in the final of the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. Beamon was a gifted athlete, who discovered his talent while at reform school in New York City. Out! For this young man, it had been a long journey […]

The Original ‘Dream Team’ Make Their Mark in Barcelona | Olympics On The Record

Summer, 1992. Barcelona was all set. Ready to welcome thousands of athletes and the world’s media. Ready for the biggest event it had ever hosted. Ready for three weeks that would ultimately change the city for ever. Yep, Barcelona was ready for its very first Olympic Games. But was it ready for the Dream Team? […]

Argentina scores Football perfection In Athens | The Olympics On The Record

Argentina was among the founding members of the International Olympic Committee, and sent a team to Paris in 1900, the second Olympic Games of the modern era. But it wasn’t until 1924 that Argentinian athletes first tasted Olympic Gold. That came in the sport of polo, long since dropped from the Olympic programme. Argentinians won […]

Simon Ammann Ski Jumping Sweeps Salt Lake City 2002 | Olympics on the Record

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann made barely any impression at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. But the Games made a big impression on him. He was just 16 years old at the time, finishing 35th in the Normal Hill, 39th in the Large Hill competition. Switzerland has a rich tradition of success in winter […]

Michael Phelps’ Record Breaking Eight Gold Medals in Beijing | The Olympics on the Record

It was the big talking point on the eve of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Could Michael Phelps match the achievements of his compatriot, the great American swimmer Mark Spitz? At Munich 1972, Spitz dominated in the pool, winning an unprecedented seven gold medals. But 36 years later, Phelps was planning an assault of his […]