I created an algorithm to make you better at Rocket League

19 ways to improve at Rocket League in 2019

in my opinion 2019 is going to be the year for rocket League both as a game and also as an eSport I think there's gonna be a lot of new players again both casual and in the competitive scene so I wanted to make a video for you guys whether you're you know a […]

Are toxic players better at Rocket League?

there's been sort of a trend lately in the rocket league community to talk about toxicity and weirdly enough the question is whether a little bit of toxicity is actually good in rocket League we've got you know the classic sunless Khan experiment video and we have this mercy video which has like a million […]

The 10 craziest Rocket League maps

What is the most important part of Rocket League?

it's a debate as old as rocket League itself which is almost 4 by the way Rocky League is about to turn 4 which is like 62 or so in video game years pretty impressive today I'm asking what is the most important part of rocket League and more specifically what is the most important […]