so if you live in anywhere of England then you know that right now I'm absolutely sweating my tits off words cannot describe what is happening inside of my pants right now anyway doesn't it you guys seem to enjoy or dislike and absolutely despise it I wanna do videos based on my opinion on […]

The Smallest Gaming Setup in the World

so today I decided it was time to play ranked on a gaming setup that fits inside this box I want to dump on people in FPS games like I always do but using everything that's just inside of this box it's the smallest gaming setup in the world because it plays modern FPS games […]

HOW TO WIN WITH YORDLES! Diamond Ranked | TFT | Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Auto Chess

The Rocket League Triathlon is AWESOME!

Oh ah what a beautiful Tuesday right sodas it's a beautiful to do actually it is actually starting for us but technically the time we're uploading this it is fully Tuesday and we want to play some gameplay I want to I want to jam games with sodas I don't want to just you know […]

THE *SECRET* TO WINNING TFT GAMES… | TFT | Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Auto Chess

League is more fun together – with GameBuddy

she's leading us is all will have a trust through the highways so my shadow to the sunrays [Laughter]

The "Secret" to being good at league and getting higher ranks

what is up guys this video is kinda more real talk than anything we're going to talk about probably the most important thing to climbing the kind of secret I guess the thing basically every other educators dream or whatever doesn't retorque about if you end up liking this video then throw it alike dislike […]

bladi6 Cassie Ranked l PATCH 2.7 l Paladins Competitive #12/07/2019

five three two and so it begins we'll be careful now first be careful now it will be careful now stop the halo escort you'll be careful now don't worry now Oh don't worry be careful now double kick be careful now killing spree meaning okay don't worry point spawning in 15 seconds five four […]

I created an algorithm to make you better at Rocket League