Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

yo what does go on my guardians and welcome back to another destiny to gameplay video hey in this video you are going to hear me very raspily talk about competitive specifically how to rank up in season 5 the season of the forge now I do apologize about my voice I know it sounds […]

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Ganking – League of Legends

hey guys also came with some tips on how to improve your ganking now this tips will help you the most if you are new to jungling but even if you consider yourself an experienced jungler own just want to improve your ganking then you may learn a thing or two from this video so […]

6/10/19 Escaping the D4 Police! — In-Depth Diamond Support Stream — League of Legends

2 Easy Ways to STOP LOSING YOUR LANE / TRADES – League Basics 1 (League of Legends)

what is up guys today we kind of going back to my roots why start this channel doing and looking at some in-depth stuff that will actually help you be a better player for this video how to stop sucking in Lane and losing it let me know if you enjoy this stuff like it […]


for years people didn't believe me and for years they thought I wasn't gonna mount for nothing well mom I'm here to tell you that gosh dang it man you were right because I've just been dropping SR I don't know what happened I recorded my funny moments next thing you know I was just […]

*TOP 5* Players to Watch @ CWL Anaheim! | CWL Pro League | CoD BO4 Competitive

I go centromere here again at today hope you enjoyed yesterday's video it was on predictions for city Belle Anaheim we're going to continue that train of thoughts today yet so yes yesterday I talked briefly about the optic gaming situation jacob wolf at ESPN reported that they have in fact been well infinity sports […]

BUG TYPE vs GRASS TYPE! Competitive Pokemon ( PFC Type Tournament) #7

the one and only zallah phony here with week 7 the final qualifier week of Pokemon fight clubs type tournament now you guys know the first rule about Fight Club always talk about Fight Club in those comments below and to anyone you know but we are going up against bug type with grass type […]

UI Goku Vs Jiren – Tournament Of Power

Finals: Jim Davis vs. Bloody – Fandom Legends Week Eight $4,000 Standard Tournament

all right here we are in the finals of the fandom Legends tournament week eight sixteen players went in this is actually our first non MPL opponent bloody streamer you know seen her stream check it out and bloody is playing the Civic manipulation deck so but against the vamp version three times she's playing […]

R6 YouTuber Tournament w/ Nøkk & Warden – Rainbow Six Siege | Creator's Cup