Can You Ride Cyclo-Cross On A Gravel Bike? | CX vs Gravel Bikes For Racing

– Today we’re gonna be talking about why your gravel bike may or may not be right for the Cyclocross course, and some of my favourite tips for when you go to the bike shop and you’re looking for a new ride. (industrial echo) (low strumming sound) So as the days get a little shorter, […]

Ellen’s First Baby Olympics: Curling Edition

Since we can’t be at the Olympics, I wanted to bring the Olympics to us. So, today, I’m kicking off my own competition. Let’s meet our three athletes for our first Ellen Baby Olympics. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. First of all, representing Oceanside, California, we have baby Coleman and his mom, Natalie. Coleman is seven […]

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Marble Race Tournament Game 3

Hey everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video made by EvaristeWK and today we are going to be having out third annual Marble Race Tournament. The rules are going to be the same as my previous Marble Race Tournaments but if you are new to my channel, I will tell you anyway I think most […]

Why Do People Obsess Over Sports?

Your heart races and your cheeks begin to flush; as you anticipate the surge of energy this win will bring, you move to the edge of your seat – you can’t get enough! So why are we so passionately involved or obsessed with sports? Hormones control the way we feel and are stimulated by every […]

This is Indian Relay, North America’s original extreme sport | Sundance Winner | Fast Horse |

♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] ♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] Allison: Go on Cody! Cody: Indian Relay was the first extreme sport. It consists of three horses, and four people. Three on the ground and one rider. Us guys we race cause we love it. I’ve been around horses my whole life, so it’s just in my blood I […]

Marble Race Tournament Game 2

Hey everyone and welcome to another YouTube video made by EvaristeWK and today we’re going to do our Marble Race Tournament Game number two and I think for those of you who have already watched the video before it got deleted most people were claiming that I did a mistake so I’m doing a re-upload […]

World of Tanks PIO Olympic Games 1. Tour de LTraktor!

Legend 1,2,3: Check Points, Green- Goal (gate in the wall), Blue- Starting Line Rules: – only stock gun is allowed – one tank can use only 5 shells – every Consumables and Equipment are allowed – for killing teammate – punishment from sky or quick death – two lap race 3 2 1 GO! First […]

Marble Race Tournament Game 4

Hey everyone, welcome to another YouTube video made by EvaristeWK and today we are going to be doing the fourth Marble Race Tournament. Thank you guys for making my third Marble Race Tournament have a hundred thousand views and because of that now as a reward now I’m going to be making a new Marble […]