The Insane Logistics of Formula 1

This video was made possible by the Crew 2—a new open world racing game from Ubisoft. More about it after the video. No sport is as logistically challenging as motorsports. While equipment matters in any sport, in motorsports the human is only half the athlete—the vehicle is the other half. The performance of a motorsports […]

Hawke’s advice for bosses after America’s Cup win (1983) | ABC News

[BOB HAWKE] I’ll tell you what, any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum! [CROWD LAUGHS AND CHEERS] You have to work a bit harder the next day to make up. It’s a day for all Australians, isn’t it. It’s a day – it brings us all together. Marvellous. Absolutely […]

Group B Worship: Ford RS200 and Audi Sport Quattro – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[MUSIC PLAYING] The RS200 was designed to be nothing other than a rally car. It didn’t have to look like a Sierra or an Escort or something that had to be sold in the showrooms. Much like the Lancia Stratos and the 037, it was designed to win rallies. It was a prototype in the […]

Kids video about Race Cars & Sports Car Race in the City for children

Sports Car | Racing Cars | Racing Video | Cars for Kids | Videos for Children

n00B’s Tournament – BEST TIME, 17.077!!!

[Music] what up earthlings I’m Dakota welcome back to your favorite channel Friday night and the tournaments are back this time it’s running the noobs tournament it’s a know who is noob open your dictionary and look for legend there you will find his picture this time for his tournament it is a really tricky […]

Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH

You’re going down, brother! Oh, yeah! SHUT UP! Ian: Loser has to massage the other person’s back. Anthony: No, that’s gay. Ian: Fine. Loser has to massage the other person’s…feet. Anthony: That’s even gay-er. Ian: Alright…uh…the loser has to…lube the other person’s dichroscope. Anthony: Dichro- Ian: It’s an instrument for examining the color properties of […]

Nickatnyte Tournament BEST TIME! – Big Bang Racing

[Music] without their playing is the hata pedia again do you like my chair it’s brand new isn’t it and you know Nick at Nite tournament it’s running right now so this is going to be a short video explaining how to get a time under 25 seconds late pay attention okay here I am […]

DARK SOULS OFFLINE TOURNAMENT?! – Community event for souls enthusiasts!

Howdy ho guys, Steel here and I’ve a pleasure to be one of organizers of polish Dark Souls enthusiasts meeting on June 23rd. It’s going to be offline event and tournament hosted by New meta e-sports bar, one of coolest place to chill for gamers in Warsaw, maybe even in whole Poland. Alright, but you […]

Marble Race Tournament Fan Season 2 | Game 14

Marble Race Tournament Season 2 Thanks for watching this Marble Race! If you are interested in entering a marble in a race Go subscribe and be one of the first to know when a new marble race tournament will come!