Affliction Warlock 3v3 Arena-Tournament WOTLK Solo Queue

SP/Hunter/Rdruid is pretty difficult for Affliction comps. Why? No one dies. This team is really dangerous. Strategy is to harrass the shaman until his cd’s are over.


everybody is pretty what I want to bring you some news about destiny and this is some gameplay from Destiny’s PvP and this is our clan House Suspect you’re kinda tearing it up here on the moon so I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay the the news about destiny is actually not from bungee […]

Clash Royale Tournament Spotlight: Super Magical Cup

Jingle* Looking for a fun tournament with an interesting twist? Check out weekly series super magical cup, the competition uses a best-of-three conquest format that lets players Demonstrate their mastery over two different decks each participant prepares two unique battle decks before the Match-ups begin when a battle is over the winner must Switch to […]

DOFUS Cup – PvP E-Sport Tournament – Trailer

Die Welt der Zwölf… geht in Flammen auf! 4.500 Spieler gehen an den Start… 3.000 € Preisgeld Alle wollen den Pokal! Vom 11. März bis zum 2. April 2017

DARK SOULS OFFLINE TOURNAMENT?! – Community event for souls enthusiasts!

Howdy ho guys, Steel here and I’ve a pleasure to be one of organizers of polish Dark Souls enthusiasts meeting on June 23rd. It’s going to be offline event and tournament hosted by New meta e-sports bar, one of coolest place to chill for gamers in Warsaw, maybe even in whole Poland. Alright, but you […]

Shyxy I – Rank 1 WotLK Feral PvP Arena-Tournament movie

Okay fearing, fearing everyone here I’m cloning Pala now Got it I’m trying to get Freedom Forces trinket Clone Shaman Forces another trinket Charge up. Clone Warrior, clone Warrior I cloned the Warrior Really good clone Shear on me I have to trinket as well I’m stunning Shaman, stunning Shaman Clone Pala, clone Pala He […]


back again with me Professor Ado today I will tell you about the Biggest Pokemon GO tournament PvP Player vs Player Pokemon GO Battle in President-Cup E-Sport 2019 Are you ready Trainers??? I’m looking for another place because it’s so loud there so many people registering the Pokemon GO tournament sooo many I want to […]

Steep: Road to the Olympics: Olympic Winter Games 2018 | Developer Diary | Ubisoft [NA]

Running Olympic is something you remember for the rest of your life The Olympics are incredible It’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life The Olympics are really the biggest thing actually existing It’s really a challenge, something we didn’t have yet in Steep Everyone wants to be there And […]

Stronghold Kingdoms – Tournaments Update

Hello and welcome to another Stronghold Kingdoms video. Today I’m going to be taking you through our new tournaments update. Woah, hold your horses there, Nick. We’ve got an important announcement. We’re celebrating 25,000 subscribers – oh, I don’t know what the hell that was. 25,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. If you want to […]

Sports Party: Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[CLICKING SOUND] (SINGING) La di da di da, that’s just our style. La di da di di, we want to be free. Don’t need no morning light. There’s a new thing coming and we’re coming alive. La di da di da, that’s just our style. La di da di di, we want to be free. […]