Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

yo what does go on my guardians and welcome back to another destiny to gameplay video hey in this video you are going to hear me very raspily talk about competitive specifically how to rank up in season 5 the season of the forge now I do apologize about my voice I know it sounds […]

Community Base Tour Competition | Outlaws of the Old West | MP Server Part 2

thank you so much for joining us Gammage we are live tonight on the outlaws a server currently with a whole bunch of members I'm gonna be visiting last few bases I guess well bases are the actual building content itself a building them all today so again yeah be very very cool can't wait […]

Guild Wars 2's Most Famous & Infamous Players Part 2

hello everybody it's nearly here after my recent most famous and infamous players of Guild Wars 2 video there was an incredible demand for part 2 I read through the hundreds of comments and direct messages from everybody and went on my way for some more digging and researching so today I'll be sharing more […]

New Players Get Rich Quick Guide 2019 – Albion Online – Zero 2 Hero Ep.1


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