The Players Liverpool NEED To Win The Premier League Is… | #SundayVibes


all right mate how you doing welcome back to another episode of IMO it's that time of year again it's time for my Premier League predictions video for the 2018 2019 season who do I think is gonna win the league who drew thinks intercom bottom who do I think is gonna come everywhere in […]

Eden Hazard | The Final Game

he talked about it you know when when I'll just go and when mess is going one of the men that have to go and throw that space if you're going to be one of those guys you turned up late so that's in you and you own it and I think he wants to […]

50+ Players Humiliated by Paul Pogba ᴴᴰ

– drama you cleanse your list see usual huh tell you she loves you but you can drink it to March but you don't quit instead you rather fast and take it to the point where she can't get off hey what you got Thank You noisy you yes give me man yeah call me […]

11 Championship Players Who Are Good Enough For The Premier League

Arsenal vs Tottenham | Man Utd vs Newcastle | Premier League Preview

hello and welcome to that football Premier League preview Arsenal vs tottenham quite clearly the biggest game of the weekend it's great to be back Xander's been doing a great job but it's nice to get back on that football and it's nice to be back with the Premier League I know we've all missed […]

TOP 10 Highest Paid Players in Europe.

[Applause] hello welcome to rich files this is a video about top 10 highest paid players in Europe so let's begin at number 10 we have Masato so from Arsenal Football Club he earns 1.6 million euros per month while number 9 its Kylian ba K from PSG who earns 1 point 7 3 million […]

Who Gifted 24K GOLD iPhone XS to All Liverpool Players?

hey guys it's foot protein else relax and today I want to tell you a very expensive story about Liverpool players after lure boost soon L win over Tottenham Hotspur at the 1-dimensional tunnel in the UEFA Champions League final the repeat players has been given a customized 24 karat gold plate – XS each […]

10 Players Who Had MINDBLOWING Seasons!