DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! DIY Makeup Tutorial with 10 Funny Pranks and Life Hacks

Not all makeup is edible, but yours can be! Today I’ll show you 10 DIY makeup ideas that work like a dream, taste amazing and are perfect for pranks. Mmm… -Ha? Hihihi! Squeeze candy is the perfect sweet treat for creating DIY makeup products, especially lip glosses. It comes in so many delicious flavors and […]


yeah as a girl walking this way with a backpack I want to talk to her hey what’s up do you know if the nearest Starbucks here is in that mall or is it this way I don’t know you don’t know okay you don’t have an area yeah I just move down the street […]

Mo Salah bursts through wall to surprise kids | KOP KIDS PRANK

He’s going all the way, he’s going all the way, he’s gonna score… YEAH! Mohamed Salah! Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He shoots… Mane! – What a goal that is. – What a goal! Mohamed Salah! YAY! PETER MCDOWALL: Welcome, boys. On the X. Microphones right underneath your nose, yeah? You […]

Top 10 funny performances Got Talent

This Is a Fairy Tale of love thank you This is the Story about love When a guy needs a Girl in a bar he see the girl All he wants to say He’s a Great Big hello? She looked Lovely the dress that Night she Was wearing Was She wasn’t looking at It so […]

Did Trevor Noah prank call people as Nelson Mandela? | Would I Lie to You? – BBC

[Trevor] [your] first up tonight. [I] Used to call strangers on the telephone and convinced them that they were talking to Nelson Mandela David’s Tea why Because everyone loves Nelson Mandela Is it I mean how often did Nelson Mandela cold call people? We were selling anything as nelson Mandela [no], no, no just it […]

SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE w/the Merrell Twins | Collins Key

(yelling) (electronic music) – (screams) I can’t do it! (yelling and screaming) – Oh my god! Oh my god, they’re right there! – Is it ice cold? – No! (Laughing) (tape spinning) – What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and today I am here with – [Girls] The Merrell twins! – Today we are going to […]

Remote Controlled Alligator Prank 2018 – Boat Cops Called!

Hey guys what’s up? It’s Jay Karl here. And back by popular demand, I have my remote control alligator prank. Let’s just get right to it.>>Yo, behind you.>>F****** [bleep]!>>It’s alright.>>What is that thing? Is that a gator?>>Alligator.>>It’s head of – a headless alligator.>>a head of an alligator.>>Oh my God. You got me. That’s good stuff.>>Oh […]

Arm Wrestling.Offense – girl scandals!!! / Во скандалит!!!

what I did? FOUL!!! fingers no longer iterate do not move I’m sorry I accidentally NO-NO I accidentally!!! she also fingered !!! just said-not to touch Kindergarten some


Warning the following video contains stupid and dangerous activities. (YEAH) Do not attempt to reenact to recreate any of the following stunts or fails performed in this video… (YEAH) …and don’t forget to give this video a like. (NO!) I’ve been waiting for this one. OOH! It was at this moment Derrick knew he messed […]


[Music] [Music] that forum you literally just got robbed by those tight judges I don’t understand this more anti scoring I know everything about my high scoring system and I can explain you you don’t know anything about boy time you are forgetting that I did two weeks Muay Thai classes while holidays in Phuket […]