Kids Go To Pool | Kuzin and Friends Competition Find Eggs Under Swimming Pool

Belly Flop Competition!

what is up all you awesome people watching today's vlog good morning everybody we are going to Aaron's high school today because he's doing something kind interesting so I'll show you when we get there you've heard you can't come I think he's perfectly fine just staying here can't even get up he's so sleepy […]

Top 10 Pool Shots Every Player Must Know!!!

dr. Dave here to show you in ten minutes ten categories of shots that every pool player must know at the end of the video I recommend some resources to help you gain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to learn and master all of the shots shown first you need accurate consistent reliable […]

The Pool Olympics

2,000 years later really yeah okay this is the edge here so Grayson you're on explain what's happening all right yeah like your Expo guys today no so guys today gear is saying that race against the football so guys we're doing today last to fall off floats what do they win yes we're mixing […]

Niels Feijen vs Warren Kiamco – 2014 World 9-ball Championship

Extreme GIANT Board Game Challenge – Win $20,000

today we're playing my board game and my board game is our more extreme oh my dog will have to destroy your diamond Rahway looks sweet mimics with his head in the giant board game charlie and the winner got thousand dollars and unfortunately guys I lost however today I convinced long to give me […]