Pokkén Tournament Analysis – Gengar Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Pokkén Tournament, the arcade fighting game starring Pokémon and developed by Namco Bandai. But a recent demonstration not only showed off several new stages but a new fighter as well in the form of the ghostly Gengar. So it’s time to bring out the old Analysis […]

Pokkén Tournament Analysis – Overview Trailer (Japanese)

It’s been a long time since a high quality trailer of Pokkén Tournament has been released. Most of the game’s information has come out of livestreams, which, while nice to see the game in action, doesn’t always give us the best clue to how the game will look. Fortunately, an overview trailer for Pokkén has […]

Pokefind Champions – Tournament

How to register for the PokéFind Champions – Tournament. Sign Up on Challonge Accept the terms of Service If you have a account already, just login! Go to the PokeFind Champions Tournament. Click on Register. Click on “Sign up with an alternate name.” Put you’re [Minecraft Username] – [Discord Username#0000] Click on “Sign up”. Already […]

Top 10 Pokemon Picks for Pokken Tournament!

Hey everyone, Wolfie here! Well, new ground was broken yesterday when a new Pokemon fighting game was announced for Japanese arcades. Though many are wondering if the game will eventually be ported to the Wii U, my thoughts are elsewhere. Being a fighting game player myself, the first thing my mind went to was, “I […]

Pokkén Tournament – Video Review

When Pokkén Tournament was first revealed, it was one of those spin-off ideas that just clicked for me. The core of Pokémon is combat so why not embrace that and make a straight-up fighting game. And not only that, the fights seemed to be cranked up to such a degree that they became visceral and […]

Shadow Mewtwo from Pokken Tournament, Ghost Miltank & More! ultraLOCKE EP14 | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up world Austin John plays here and Philly beats you here and welcome back to ultra lock episode number 14 I don’t know that in Spanish I didn’t think so okay so full disclosure I objected Philly’s SD card which corrupted his save data and I played through […]


what's going on youtubers are collectors Ethan wants to hear little bit should we tell of what just happened here at psycho turtle guys before I even start going on with this video you got to know I was not gonna do a video I was not supposed to do a video today we are […]


all right welcome back I'm dr. Michael Wolfe you guys are new today is going to be the very first Pokemon go ever official tournament we're here in corporate point on the office and we got a lot of familiar faces coming in today's video is gonna be pretty much just kind of a blog […]

Bootleg Pokémon Games – JonTron

job Tron Pokemon a-series dearly beloved by many few games can claim to harness its gravitational pole this Golden Goose has sold millions upon millions of copies spawn countless varieties of merchandise and touched multiple generations of kids and adults alike how many franchises do you know that bridge the generational gap now know what […]

How GOOD was Hydreigon ACTUALLY? – History of Hydreigon in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 5-7)

next up we have our second gen 5 Pokemon hi dragon this fearsome dragon draws inspiration from three appropriately spine-chilling sources being the mythological Hydra Godzilla's King Ghidorah and the german-language this theme of terror continues with gets us in the generation 5 game and anyone who's faced him knows that his High Dragon lived […]