Pokken Tournament – 35 Minutes Gameplay ( Pokemon World Championship [ HD ]

basically I was told after the announcement for this game of being released for the Wii U next year at spring 2016 looks like our guys are ready for this next matchup so we have savings versus hugs all right this matchup he gets the phase transition knocked him into the duel oh wow great […]

How GOOD was Rayquaza ACTUALLY? – History of Rayquaza in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 3-7)

what's up everyone looks like we got another legendary on our hands and a box art one at that because next up we have Rayquaza this legendary dragon is the master of Holland's weather trio rival of deoxys as seen in the seventh movie and of course the mascot of pokemon emerald this long green […]

2019 Lego American Ninja Warrior #1stCartoonCrush Showdown COMPETITORS LINEUP (Stage 1)

everybody is me online and I am back with the stage one lineup for the 2019 lingo Mary enjoy hashtag first cartoon crush showdown now I'm actually in the bathroom of the resource room at my school so I need to make this as quick as possible while making this as most understandable as possible […]

Competitive Guide to Team Building in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

[Applause] yo what's up guys you got poked iam here with a competitive guys to team building in Pokemon ultra Sun and Moon now if you have clicked this video I'm just gonna assume that you already know about nature's IVs V's and you just want to take that next step towards building for competitive […]

How Pokemon Players Saw the Sword and Shield Direct (6.5.2019)

Pokemon Champion Red

What If I Was A Pokemon Champion?

the Pokemon League the ultimate test the final challenge that stands between you and completing the game but instead of being the up-and-coming trainer what if I was the Pokemon League champion what would my personal Pokemon League role play well today I'm going to be showing you guys that welcome to my Pokemon League […]

POKEMON RED AND BLUE W/ Smosh (Honest Game Trailers)