[PokémonGO] Portugal Kingdom Cup Tournament – GO Porto

Hello guys! Oh no This video will be more focused on the PvP side of Pokemon GO in Porto, Portugal So to start Here in Porto the community is a big group that focuses on a variety of events and gatherings Regarding Pokemon GO My next video will have more information about this and other […]

Poke Tournament Tutorial

Hello Guys! This is a video tutorial explain how to play poké tournament let me put here my favorite settings fps… enable sync… has no reason to have it here, I’ll still take off first thing you need to do on enter the game… is press ctrl K pressing ctrl K, will open the hotkeys […]

1-29-2017 Mono-Gray Catch and Evolve Tournament

Hello everybody! My name is Nate! You might know me on Pokemon Showdown as iStockphoto. Today I’m going to be bringing you a Mono-Gray Catch and Evolve Tournament, hosted in the Pokemon Showdown Tournaments Room on January 29th, 2017. This is a Mono-Color Catch and Evolve Tournament. In a Mono-Color C&E all starter Pokemon are […]

Can I Win An Online Tournament w/ Squirtle Only? 🚫 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenge

I KNOW, there was a bunch of Sword & Shield news earlier this week & don’t worry I’ll be definitely talking about it on this week’s episode of our podcast Directly to You but THIS WEEK, I wanted to try something new so stay tuned for a more dedicated video on that stuff later on. […]

Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

[Music] choose your team and get your game face on because it’s time for a Pokemon battle begin welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Pokemon battles from the animated show for this list we’ve chosen the most action-packed and fan pleasing Pokemon battles that Ashe and company […]

POKEMON GO – NEW ROCK POKEMON?? with Ali-A and MatPat!

Hey, guys, and welcome to another beautiful day of Pokemon catching here as we try to catch them all in Pokemon Go. Rumor has it there’s been videos circulating around online that there’s this new super rare Pokemon out that has proven impossible to catch. Guys, I was literally so close to catching some new […]

How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Pokemon Leagues & Tournaments

What I’d like to talk about now is a little bit about something that Pokemon offers as a company. Offers something for the Pokemon Trading Card Game called Leagues and Tournaments. The best way to find a league or tournament in your area is to check on pokemontgc.com. They’ll usually have a listing of places […]

Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

(soft, playful music) – What’s going on, guys? Right now, I’m on location in Alaska, filming episodes of Breaking Trail. Now, a couple weeks ago, a bunch of people wrote in and said, “Coyote, “do you play Pokémon Go? “Your job is kind of like the real Pokémon Go. “You run around, and you catch […]

Pokkén Tournament Analysis – Niconico Gameplay (Secrets & Hidden Details)

You know, this just might be our busiest January ever. We’re so used to this being a lull in releases that it usually feels like there’s nothing to cover. Not so this year. New games and more information on previously revealed games just keep coming. And the most recent example of this is the Pokémon […]

Pokkén Tournament – Trailer Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

While Pokémon games have had a ton of spin-offs, it’s unlikely that a lot of fans ever expected them to be the sole stars of a fighting game. Yet here it is with Pokkén Tournament, developed by Bandai Namco, and while there aren’t very main known details, that won’t stop us from putting it through […]