Random Duos |WIN $10!!| Lets Play!! Decent Player |PS4 Player |830+ Wins| Fortnite Battle Royale

well our baby alive alive alive alive let me make sure can you guys hear me let me see hold up what is going on okay just popped up my hey let's get it okay Marcelo young god that dude what up what up what up blessing Adrian how you doing how you doing Brian […]

GAME Unwraps: Dishonored 2 – Collector's Edition

welcome gamers to another episode of game unwraps my name is Lucy and today we are at the Bethesda offices here in London to take a sneak a peek at the dishonor to collector's edition which is a game exclusive here in the UK link and you'll miss it because dishonored teased launch isn't too […]

BEST Console Player EVER // TOP Console Builder | 800+ Wins !Sponsor For Add/Mod

people got the no D who was first and my stream I can't even check her expressing my shame Jesus there's a lot of people already uh they didn't Grogan sup dating going all right now I'm gonna I shot some hundred people in the same already dating was first word updating I don't give […]


ojo ahora el momento vamos a todo y os cuesta un poco gente 21 ya están preparando su vida de una prueba vamos a ver qué nos esperaba una tarde complicada de ahora os cuento para sacar de aquí la movida y vamos a editar aquí el vídeo dos horitas de gente nada más y […]

Rainbow Six: Siege | Saturday League | Season 1 | Premier Division | Spieltag 8

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Sparc: VR sport of the future, today?

so what do you think personally with the future cpp are you guys going to be doing anything else inside Sparks NV is well CCP has many studios that are working on different products so I can't talk to the other Studios right now but with my project our goal is very much so to […]