Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ L.A. Galaxy Soccer camp & Christmas fun! #FilmoraVlogmas

Welcome to my Holiday Special episode! Welcome to L.A. Galaxy camp! There are many famous players that played for L.A. Galaxy. Ibrahimovic David Beckham And Robbie Keane. I was the youngest kid at the soccer camp. The coach was teaching us how to control the ball. He asked who can do it. I was the […]

Brazilian Soccer: Not just for straight guys!

Keeping 40 Years Of Friendship Alive With Basketball

(In Mandarin) We have known each other since we were young. (Bao Chou): We met while playing basketball. Back then, we saw each other every day so we would play together and chat. (Teck Ann): Both play and fight! (Bao Chou): Even till now, we’re still playing basketball together. [Cheer] [Doorbell ringing] The 30 of […]

Play video games to win money & prizes – gaming & esports massive opportunity

You clicked this video because you’re a gamer and at a certain point in your life you felt that you wanted to win cash or in-game items from being good at your game and winning the games online. Correct?! I know because I’m also a gamer and it’s been my dream ever since I was […]

UC Davis Health Neighborhood Street Soccer Park

So street soccer is an amazing sport because it’s a sort of contained arena like you see around you and rubberized floor so injuries are not going to be prevalent and it doesn’t require a lawn keeping crew to perfectly manicure a complete soccer field, so it makes soccer accessible for communities that are not […]

[Suggestion] Let’s play soccer – Exciting song – Sing along

English Singsing Let’s play soccer. Let’s play soccer. Let’s play soccer. Okay. Okay. Let’s play soccer. Let’s play baseball. Let’s play baseball. Sorry, I can’t. Sorry, I can’t.


Hi everyone. Welcome to Easy Tennis. I’m Coach Emre. This drill will be a basis for your later improvements. Remember your last drill : Rallying by yourself. This one We will do the same drill But this time focus on that when the ball goes up your racket will go up, when the ball goes […]

John Cena VS Kane in a Fiery Hot Pepper Challenge ft. Charlotte Flair | WWE | Mattel Action!

A right 1 2 3 hot pepper challenge. Here we go. Oh Cain. I see you’re wearing the red mask for the red peppers Yeah, I like to coordinate. I love I love your mask Amos. It’s a it’s a beautiful mask. It’s a hot look Hey, whatever works you do you? Hey guys, I’m […]

The Wives Won’t Let OG’s Mistake Slide | Basketball Wives

– Where your stuff? – I forgot it. I know, don’t be mad at me. I had a flat. I had a hell of a day and I feel really bad. I almost was like, should I just go buy something right now? – Yes, go ahead. – Yeah, like, the store right next door. […]

$1 Mini Basketball Toy Unboxing and Play from Japanese Daiso | Toyful Joyful

Mini Basketball Toy Mini Basketball Toy