The Best of Baseball – Tosh.0

Cute trick, now choke up and hit a sac fly, rook. Meet wiffle boy. The best wiffle ball pitcher in the world, which will open up zero doors for him in life. But I don’t give a crap how ridiculous those pitches are, I can take anyone deep. Nice to meet you wiffle boy. Actually, […]

The Last Baseball-Glove Maker in America

A baseball glove is basically an addition to your hand that allows you to trap the ball between the thumb and the index finger in such a fashion that you can make a great catch and throw it back. From the time I started playing baseball I’ve been in love with the game. Something very […]

Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Become a Pro Baseball Player

The questions asked how to become a professional baseball player. Well that’s a wide ranging answer for that question, or there is a wide ranging area but first, you have to become a proficient baseball player in several different areas. Number one you have to have a strong throwing arm. Accurate and strong throwing arm. […]

The Biggest Mistake with Chipping and the Drill to Fix It Fast!

in today’s video we’re talking about the number one mistake most golfers are making in their short game and we’re gonna fix it for you right now let’s go okay so get the club that gives you the most problem we’re just going to use the my 60-degree and it’s what gives people the most […]

Long Lunch | Topgolf

[hip hop music] ♪ Oh yeah, you took a long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ Yeah, you’re still on the clock ♪ ♪ Gone for your long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ And it may not never stop ♪ ♪ Yeah, you took a long lunch ♪ Lunch! ♪ Give the microwave a rest ♪ ♪ No […]

Aggie Academy – Rise Ball

My name is Kim Watson and I’m the Senior pitcher for the New Mexico State Aggies and welcome to the Aggie Academy. Today’s lesson will be learning how to pitch a rise ball. The first thing you need to learn about pitching a rise ball is your grip. I pick my two middle fingers and […]

Softball Overview : How to Break In a New Baseball/Softball Glove

Hi my name is Jill Weiss and I’m going to tell you a little bit about how to break in your softball or baseball mitt. First thing you want to do is usually when you buy a brand new glove is the stiffness of the glove. You’re going to want to soften the leather, any […]

Softball Overview : How to Play 1st Base in Softball

Hi. My name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about how to play first base. First thing you want to consider is that your first baseman is probably one of the tallest players on the team. They need to be able to catch anything that comes to them, whether […]

Softball Overview : How to Play 3rd Base in Softball

My name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to tell you just a little bit about how to play third base. Third base is one of those positions where the athletes have very, very strong arms. Their reaction time is super quick. They’re able to retrieve balls from the right side, retrieve balls from the […]

Aggie Academy – Curve Ball

Hi I’m Eric Nyquist and welcome to Aggie Academy. Swing and a miss! Big strikeout for Eric Nyquist. In today’s lesson I’m going to show you how to throw a curveball. The first step of throwing the curveball is the hand placement. First you want to put your index finger on the seam of the […]