Giant Ping Pong 3

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have the final match of Giant Ping Pong! We have both beaten Miikka So now it’s time for me and Emil go head-to-head! Let’s go! I thought that you were going around the net! Run, run, run! Good try! Wow! There is a hole in the […]

Giant Ping Pong 2

Hello everybody! We are Pongfinity. It’s time for some giant ping pong! Today It’s me versus Miikka he’s gonna have no chance. We’ll see. Yes! Aah I had him! Is it coming? Almost! I’m not even going to try… What!? Good! It’s still in play! I can’t give you a spot like that Come back! […]

School Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be taking over my university Hanken School of Economics A very international business school in Finland This will be fun! Thanks! That was an interesting serve! Hanken is a triple accredited business school. That means it has earned all three big quality international labels Here is […]

Liu Guoliang Table Tennis Trick Shots

Hi, I’m Emil from Pongfinity And we are here at the TATA headquarters in Beijing to find who can do the best trick shots. And we have some special guests with us. Open the door, Hit the ball And close the door. Liu Guoliang, can you do this? How about hitting two balls – consecutively? […]




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TABLE TENNIS TRICK SHOTS #119 Ball flips between bh & fh

Hi Friends, this is AB here- welcome to my channel! This video is about one of the ways to test and improve ball touch & feel. This trick can be done without a partner or even at home , without a table tennis table. In this video I am showing how to do ball flipping […]

Xu Xin inspired Ball tapping on TT racket handle|TABLE TENNIS TRICKS SHOTS- TEST TO IMPROVE CONTROL

In this video I am showing how to do ball tapping on racket handle. This is a good test, & practice for ball control, coordination and focus. Good wrist control and hand eye coordination is a must in TT. If you like the video, please like,share, comment and subscribe.. See you next time!

Weird Ping Pong

What’s up guys! We are for Pongfinity It’s time for another episode of Challenge Pongfinity Let’s try to hit the mousetrap With a ping pong ball Okay the first player to set off both mousetraps wins So we have launched our own mobile game and as we mentioned There is a little surprise at score […]

Table Tennis Spin Serves I Challenge Pongfinity

What’s up everybody! I’m Emil from Pongfinity And welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity! This is the series where YOU challenge US WIth your craziest ideas related to table tennis. We will go through all of your comments, pick the most creative ones and make a video out of them. If your idea gets […]