PORK-O-LYMPICS (Part Timers #18)

– [breathing heavily] – Are you sure that’s how Lori would want you to clean the air hockey table? – If I said yes, would you know any different? – No, I would not. – Then yes. – Hey! What’s got two thumbs, just bought the bowling alley next door, and doesn’t want your frickin’ […]

Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis Kick Serve

In this clip what we’re going to show you is the kick serve or the top spin serve and how to use this effectively to be more consistent. Also, to use it sometimes for a first serve. It’s just that spin serve that gives you more margin of error. Also, makes the ball jump up […]

Tennis Serve & Return Tips : American Twist Serve in Tennis

In this clip we’re going to talk to you about the American Twist Serve. You might have heard you know Sampras use this quite a bit, Andre Agassi use this quite a bit, a lot of players on actually on tour, but they use them on specific serves, certain locations. This is the American Twist, […]


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Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong: WWE NXT, July 31, 2019

Knife edge chop.>>This is where things could get sticky for Roderick Strong, again, that weakened grip.>>Strong loves to hit a superplex.>>Looks like it’s going to get more sticky for Pete Dunne as Strong goes. He’s now all the way to the top turnbuckle.>>Dunne able to thwart Strong’s attempt at a superplex, sending them crashing to […]

Buttigieg: Would put my mayoral, military experience up 'against … any competitor' l ABC NEWS