News24 – Paul Pogba outlines what Man Utd means to him after failed summer transfer

 Paul Pogba has opened up on his love for Manchester United after missing out on a move away from the club   The Frenchman was tipped to quit United for Real Madrid or Juventus and while the European window remains open, a move hasn’t been ruled out   Adidas have teamed up with United to […]

FIFA 17 – Manchester United F.C. Player Tournament – ft . Pogba, De Gea, Rooney, Martial

Let’s start Good luck I swear I’m in. I swear I’m in. I’m in. Pogba, my mate! Pogba, my buddy! Referee My buddy Again, again Cross, cross I see this Pass, pass Pogba! Daley (Blind)! C’mon my friend I never lose the ball Well done sone, well done son What a tackle! I’ve got this, […]

Would you pay $235 for a football kit? | CNBC Sports

The start of a new Premier League season brings with it a host of new players, and with them, an array of colorful fresh club kits. All 20 Premier League clubs freshen up their look every summer, with fans buying up the new shirts to match the stars on the pitch. For the 2018/19 season […]

Manchester United Players Attend Adidas Event In Singapore – Pogba Shows Off Insane Freestyle Skills

gee I wonder sucker I'm going to tell you non-winner undercut and here we go go for it all right ramen on the coke and here we go team go oh look at home I get us footballs coming your way individually team by team he'll be performing on one minute routine so teams team […]

Luka Modric Gets a Makeover | The Champions S1E6

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers and their managers live together under one roof Players stop being polite and start getting real This is The Champions Nice suit Are you Marcelo’s new tax attorney? I am speaking at charity event tonight And you’re wearing this? Uh..da? OK hold on I need […]

6 players Real Madrid could sacrifice to get Pogba – Oh My Goal

Real Madrid is planning another big move during the transfer window but club is determined to get their hands on Paul Pogba the Frenchman is hungry for a new challenge and to play in the Champions League next year Manchester United who only play in the Europa League can't give him that but according to […]

Is Romelu Lukaku going to leave Man United to join Inter Milan? | The Transfer Show


you did it Alexis you're finally scored you must feel like a million pounds no no apparently that's a lot of normal people right follow my advice it's very simple step one pick up the ball step two give it to someone else I still have won nine games in a row the hyper starting […]

Famous Football Players – Funniest Moments of 2019

I don't want to be too critical or something but maybe the MLS will punish me but but I am MLS I say [Applause] [Applause] Yaya Bravo secretary no Brazil ha Carlos g-unit Tom can have it all man Sagara atomizer yeah the workshop or a dystrophy I am excuse me can I have a […]

Will Paul Pogba sign for Real Madrid or stay at Man United? | Good Morning Transfers