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And here comes Otis, 330 pound fire hydrant.>>Robert Roode coming into the aid of Dolph Ziggler, but it didn’t work out the way he wanted.>>Heavy Machinery working in tandem.>>Stereo suplexes, Roode and Ziggler are down.>>And this Otis is so impressive. Not only is he a great dancer but his grappling ability second to none.>>Are we […]

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[MUSIC] Brother, it sounds to me, like you just wanna take one more run at the 24 inch pythons, brother.>>Uh-oh.>>Wait a minute guys, look at this. Are you kidding me?>>You want to shop?>>No way.>>You want to live with five? One more time? You do?>>[NOISE] >>My god look out. Whoa.>>Tucker is legal.>>That is it guys.>>And now […]

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Tag made, in comes Tucker. As Otis has been in control here of Dash Wilder. Look at this power. Man, he just left Wilder there for Tucker, no problem. And now goes after Dawson. [LAUGH] I love it. That is spectacular strength. Heavy Machinery completely manhandling The Revival. And The Revival worse for wear. They’re […]

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Tucker and Otis, congratulations on your victory. Now, would you say that this victory was maybe a little more important considering that there’s a draft coming up next month?>>A draft?>>There’s a draft, yeah.>>A draft, when is this?>>You know that?>>I did not, Tuckey.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Little draft coming up.>>Little draft coming up. A little draft, a little drafty-poo.>>We’re […]