Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 225

In today’s episode, we’ll be sharing with you some details about players who got 100 000 tankoins from the Tankoin Container. We’ll also be talking about the October challenge, and giving you a peek at how we work on tank models. Some time ago, we released the new tankoin-container. And some people were disappointed because […]

⭐️ how i got into ucla ⭐️ (grades, essays, the system)

hello, are you just there alone? you haven’t found anyone? (eheheha) (cute donkey noise) classic. (singing to Ain’t it Fun by Paramore) (singing to Still Into You by Paramore) (humming in alien) (pretending to preform a concert) (being a dance icon) sugar, sugar, sugar. (more alien noise, but like a cute alien) (sippy sippy) good! […]

Console Gaming League: #BringBackKI Tournament

Timestamps in description below

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 223

In today’s episode, we’ll be sharing with you some details about the history of the in-game camera in Tanki. We’ll also be revealing some future plans, and announcing a meme contest. Hello, tankers! Not everyone has tried the new HTML5 version yet. But we’ve already rolled out some of the most pressing hotfixes. Don’t worry, […]

Bobby Fischer’s last round “must win” chess game with Mikhail Tal – Zurich 1959 – Final Round (15)

Morning all, on this Kings crusher channel we have seen many of the encounters of Tal against Fisher. In fact, with this game we will have a complete set. I’ll put it in a playlist and I’ll link the playlist from an embedded link within this video. This game is in the Zurich tournament of […]

Evolution of Chess Style #137 : One of Mikhail Botvinnik’s quickest ever tournament wins

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Polly wants a picture of you all they want is a picture of you hey everyone look at the comments below I pray who are you David hunan it sure would you leave your comments below and some of them are some of them oh haha as an epic moment in this show and it […]

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What is going on everybody hairless, soccer physics alright then listen to books and somehow control your tape. My dick yahoo la gata nope, nope nope nope, use your netflix don’t go. Order your country on your family we’re not moving, oh my god but have. No head but my head game of the year […]