The Rules of Judo (NEW 2017 rules) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Judo The object of the game is to throw your opponent onto their back. Judo is a Japanese martial art that is contested at the Olympic Games, and this video covers the new 2017 rules as outlined by the International Judo Federation. Judo players, known as judoka – are separated […]

Mariana Pajon’s guide to Olympic BMX Cycling

For someone who has never seen BMX, I would describe it as motocross but with a bicycle It’s a dirt track with obstacles and lots of jumps. we never sit down on our bikes and we race 8 riders at a time. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner. The equipment […]

“Lifeguarding the Flame” (OLYMPIC GAMES), Luny & Milky Show #13

O show da Luny e da Milky “O nadador salvador da chama olímpica” Está um lindo dia, e a Luny e a Milky estão a jogar à bola. Mas elas nem poderiam sonhar com a novidade estavam para receber. Meninas… …tenho bilhetes grátis… …para vocês poderem ir aos Jogos Olímpicos com o papá amanhã! Yupi!! […]

Petro-Canada Canadian Olympic Winter Games | Sarah Tamura, Figure Skating :30

The Canadian spirit. It’s an extraordinary thing. So easily missed in the blur of our lives. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see it. Like we do. Petro-Canada. Building Tomorrow’s Team Canada

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games review

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii and DS Mario and Sonic’s Olympic Games game if you know what I mean sold like the proverbial hot cakes. Not only did it tap into the spirit of the Olympics but it also brought together two gaming greats as they competed along […]

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What’s up, everybody? We’re the Vagabrothers. And right now we are in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic games. We’re down here with LA 2024, the committee pushing for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics. Our mission is to experience not just the games, but everything that happens in the city around them. […]

Hurdler Liu Xiang’s Historic Gold Display in Athens 2004 | Olympics on the Record

Home advantage can be a mixed blessing. The support of the home crowd is welcome, but the burden of expectation can be overwhelming. And in Beijing 2008, the entire Chinese nation was looking to one man for glory. This man, Liu Xiang. Few people will ever be able to understand the pressure that Liu Xiang […]

Usain Bolt Wins 100m Final | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

[gun shot goes off]>>Incredibles: Go on! Run! Go go go go! [Usain looks at family in confusion]>>Mr. Incredible: Yeah, come on, pick up the pace. Come on!>>Elastigirl: What are you doing!>>Mr. Incredible: No! Pull it back! Pull it back! [Usain looks confused]>>Mr. Incredible: Just a little bit! Don’t give up! Make it close!>>Elastigirl: Close second!>>Mr. […]

The Surprisingly Fascinating First Trip to “The Games”

The 1890s were a gilded age of sports in America. Backed by the country’s moral and intellectual elite in the form of ministers and urban reformers, institutions like the YMCA were popularized, enforcing the rather novel idea of healthful recreation via organized sports. While this may seem obvious to us today, this was only decades […]